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Hangover cure using lemon

Submitted by TRIED and TRUE

To cure a hangover, cut a lemon in half and rub the freshly cut part in the armpits.

If you don't have a lemon a lime will work also.

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R U Kiddin? Comments By: Citrus Pits on 2004-08-20
Is this REALLLY true? .... I would hate to have stinging pits.....

TipKing Says: As with all the tips sent to the site, you have to wonder if all of them are serious. This may well work. I do not drink so I cannot test it for you.

Lemon Heads Comments By: Sparklehorse on 2004-10-21
My silly boyfriend (33) and his crazy father (70) rub lemons under their armpits after drinking heavily. They believe this to be true. I think it sounds crazy, but they claim it works.
I have heard it before Comments By: Sarah on 2009-08-28
I used to date a hispanic guy and he told me the same thing
Test Comments By: anon on 2010-11-03
Well, I did feel somewhat better after, I must say. I also took 2 tbsp. of honey to quickly raise my blood sugar though, and drank loads of water. However it makes sense that by applying lemon juice to the armpits or under the tongue, the benefits of the juice may enter the bloodstream more quickly; in this case giving the body a much needed boost of vitamin C and potassium.

Best thing though...if you know you will be drinking a lot eat a huge protein meal before that also has some monounsaturated fats, i.e avocados, olives and nuts. That will stop the HO for the most part.

Drink two or three glasses of tomato juice before starting, to protect the stomach, and prevent that awful sick feeling.

Between drinks, or at least before crashing - drink as much water as you can.

Yeah, I know - famous last words.

Testing... Comments By: anon on 2010-11-02
I don't know if it is true but I am gonna try it now. Will report back.

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