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How to Hire Help for a Party

Are you planning a holiday or special party where you are going to have a lot of guests? You often can feel overwhelmed and under stress, but if you were to hire help for your party, the party will go off without a hitch. This is going to raise a few questions such as, where are you going to find help, how much should you pay your help and how do you know if you can trust the help to make a good impression on your guests? I am going to give you a few pointers in hiring help to make your party stress free and successful. 

How many people are you going to have at your party? If you are having less than ten people, one person is really going to be enough to get your party going without a hitch. If you are having fewer than thirty people, two helpers is going to give you a great night without problems. For parties that are going to be over forty people, you should consider having one extra helper for every twenty people, to make sure that all of your guests have plenty of attention and they all have a great time. 

If you are having a sit down dinner, you should have one extra helper for every ten people. So, if you were to have twenty people over for a sit down dinner, two people should be able to serve with little or no problems. 

Besides the helpers that are going to be serving your guests, you should also thing about who is going to prepare the meal and work in the kitchen. Fewer than fifty people, three workers in the kitchen is really all you should need. For every twenty people you might want to consider adding another kitchen worker, depending on the complexity of your menu, the amount of c hopping of vegetables and making of the trays that you will need. 

Now for the party of thirty, you have two workers in the kitchen, two for serving appetizers and for serving dinner, but you should also have one person to work the bar. Before, during and after dinner, your guests are going to love cold drinks. 

Where can you find workers for your party? Look to younger cousins and friends that have lots of energy and that are personable people. While workers are not going to mingle with the guests, it is appropriate that your workers are at least personable when needed. Younger brothers or sisters, friends of others that you know, or neighbors and friends that you know can work at your party. 

If you really don�t have anyone that you know to come work up at your party, you can put an ad in the paper and have some people call you. Simply by looking at a person you can tell if they are going to be appropriate for the type of guests that you are going to have at your home. 

As far as deciding if your workers are going to be trustworthy, ask for references. Make the phone calls and check up on those people that you don�t know. While it can be difficult to hire some people that you don�t know, starting at least two weeks before your party, to hiring people, is plenty of time to get your party started. 

Be specific about the duties of those that you are hiring. Tell them if you want ashtrays out on the tables, or if you want chips put out on the tables before dinner. Appetizers and drinks can be taken around the room and given to guests as needed. During the before and after dinner sessions, workers should be picking up trash as much as possible. 

Decoration should be put on the tables before dinner. Those working the party should be lighting the candles right before the guests are going to arrive. 

Those working at your party should be told to wear similar colors so that your guests will realize who is working the party and who is a guest. Often white shirts and black pants is going to help your guests know who is a worker and who to ask when they need help or need anything.

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