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Fun and easy way to cure hic-ups

Submitted by LP

Simply tip your head upside down and take a large drink of water. then hold your breathe for 10 seconds and you hicups are GONE!

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unbelievable Comments By: Roumanos on 2005-10-31
After 48 hrs with the hiccups it was killing me i couldn't get rid of it. I tried every thing under the sun, but the head upside down, drink a cup of water then holding your breath for 10 seconds amazingly worked. Believe me it felt like a miracle had touched me.
I feel sooo much better thanks Comments By: Jackie on 2009-05-12
I use to always just take a drink of water but i never held my breath after and it worked the first time of doing that, and this was the second time today that i had the hic ups and they were really getting on my nervs. so thanks for your helpfull tip;}
thank you Comments By: Rosie on 2010-01-12
thank you i had the hic ups and they where annoyin so i tried your trick it worked first time thanks x
Did not work :( Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-23
I had ago doing this method, but it did not work :( I think it all depends how stubborn they are.

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