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Dry cracked skin on hands, elbow and feet

Submitted by Lisa

I work with my hands in water often and as a result my hands were always dry and cracked. I tried everything with little success. One day I was moisturizing a wood bowl I have with a product called B's Oil Salad Bowl & Wood Preserver, from a company called the Holland Bowl Mill.

This beeswax based product felt very soothing to my hands, so I tried it as a hand moisturizer. In two weeks the dried cracked skin on my hands was healed.

I have suggested its use to others all with the same great results. I even contacted the company and they have said that they get many letters telling them about the healing properties of their B's Oil product.

Visitors comments

B's Oil Review Comments By: Anon on 2004-12-20
Lisa's comment is right on! My sister had the same hand story and I have Psoriasis on my feet. I have been using it on my feet for 7 years with GREAT success! Much better than any topical steroids I have used (since the age of 10).

B's oil availabilty Comments By: sharma on 2005-03-23
B's oil Salad Bowl & wood preserver is avaiable world wide or not? Where should I get it from?

Tipking says: It depends on what counbtry you are in...

ikea foot balm Comments By: kathy b on 2009-02-12
if you have an ikea shop near you , this is the answer to dry feet. It is a wouderfull cream, you will notice the effects straight away.Cheap and gorgeouse. give it a try.
Fantastic for dry, cracked skin, especially in the winter Comments By: Jenny on 2009-05-11
Every winter I have really suffered with my skin cracking on my thumb and also my heels. Then I found a fantastic thing called Porter's Original Lotion which I ordered and within a week, my thumb healed up and so did my heels. I have recommended it to all my friends.

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