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A simple and pleasant way to cure hiccups

Submitted by Francesca Sorrell

Take a medium to large gulp of water, and do not swallow it, turn your head upside down(if sitting down put you head between the top of your legs) then swallow the water while your head is upside down simple and has no nasty tastes involved may sound too simple but it always work, try it!

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your cure for hiccups Comments By: becks on 2007-10-31
i swallowed it up my nose ! not the nicest thing lol
worked instant as soon as i did it Comments By: Darold R FReeman on 2008-11-10
I coould not brlive how quick it work, it was instant. thank you!
Awesome Tip Comments By: Darold R. freeman on 2008-11-10
I did exact as the tip sugested and it worked letter perfect, i was becoming very unconfertable as i have had two back surugies in he last ninety days! Again folks you have my heart felt thanks.

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