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Hiccup Cure. Think of pineapples

Whenever I get the hiccups they are LOUD and last a LONG TIME!! My student once gave me a cure for my loud and funny hiccups in class, after laughing hard during class and suddenly hiccupping during a lecture on sex! You think of pineapples while looking at the ceiling and it works every time!

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Thank Heavens for pinapples Comments By: Remy on 2005-05-19
This really works I have had the hiccups for 2 days and could not get rid of them they were so loud in was really mbarassing, I read this tip and within seconds they were gone amazing!!!!
Not just pineapples Comments By: Becca on 2007-01-07
I am quite sure that this works but you can use almost anything not just Pineapples, you just need to concerntrate on a certain thing like say (trying not to think about penguins) is my faveroute or you could work out the answer to a riddle.
!! :) !! Comments By: Shea on 2007-03-19
Yeah, i am not sure but one time all i thought about was when the next hiccup was coming and they went away!
I don't quite understand? Comments By: Lewis on 2009-11-05
Is it supposed to be in a can or what?

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