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Peanut butter for Getting Rid of hiccups

Submitted by sarah

To get rid of hiccups eat a big spoonful of peanut butter! it works EVERY time! just goes to show what you can learn by watching arthur

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peanut butter/hiccups Comments By: Georgette on 2005-01-10
Thanks Sarah. My sister Jane was so annoying all day long since 8am til 10:15pm until she had a spoon of Peanut Butter!!! It worked!!!!!

Thanks thanks thanks! etc.....

------ Georgette

peanut butter Comments By: Dave on 2005-01-21
no BS, it works.
nice advice Comments By: Mandy on 2005-01-31
It worked! just tried it out on a friend. Haha can't wait to try it out on me because i love peanut butter. Thanks
WOW Comments By: Buc Nasty on 2005-03-28
I had the hiccups tonight, bad, and i just saw this post so i decided to try it, and wow, hiccups are gone immediately
It does work!!!! Comments By: Franco on 2005-04-10
Peanut Butter will get rid of your hiccups! I tried it and it worked instantly.
no good Comments By: Anthony on 2005-05-14
i at elike 50 lbs of oeabut butter and nothing happened. think i just felt a fat roll form around my waste

omg it works!!! Comments By: cin on 2006-07-20
I had some nasty hiccups and couldnt think of what else to do, this really works....im impressed! Thanks for sharing that!
MY HICCUPS Comments By: Sophia-Chicago on 2006-09-29
My hiccups lasted practically all F***** day, and when i was browsing the internet i came across this site and it said to try peanut butter, and I did....IT WORKS...They're gone...THANKS!!!!
Had no peanut butter Comments By: Rich on 2006-09-30
My Hiccups lastes 2 hours,it was really pissing me off. It work me up out of a sound sleep. Nothing would work. I didn't have peanut butter, believe it or not. So, I ate a teaspoon of sugar..IT WORKED, Thank God!
Unbelievable Comments By: Ed on 2007-06-08
I have had the hiccups for 10 hrs. I read this post, took a hugh spoonful of peanut butter, and they were gone instantly. Thank goodness
WORKS EVERY TIME Comments By: Tiffany on 2008-05-29
I grew up using this remedy, and it works like a charm!
YAH!!! Comments By: tammy on 2009-07-13
My son had hiccups for 4 freakin hours and we tried everything,i seen this add and he tried it and it worked.yesssss,thankyou

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