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Hic-ups Spoonfull of sugar

Submitted by Guy Meyers

To cure hic cups, eat a spoonfull of sugar. 100% affective.

The following was also sent in by Alexis

Ok so this may sound a bit weird but if u eat 2 spoon fulls of sugar, i no odd, and wat it then drink a few sips of water they go away!

Visitors comments

Bill from Down Under Comments By: Bill Adams on 2004-09-11

I agree with you.

It is 100% effective.

WOW IT WORKS Comments By: Connie on 2006-05-13
I never heard of that!!But it worked for me!!!
IT does not work Comments By: josh nelson on 2008-02-18
I tried it twice it just gave me a headache.
It really works!!!!!!! Comments By: Naomi on 2009-06-12
My partner didn't tell me what was going on (atfer a few other daft "googled" attempts) but this really did. I had really violent hiccups and they went away as quickly as they came. Fab idea!! Is it something to do with glucose? Thanks anyway, will defo do this next time!

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