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Plastic bag To get rid of hicups

Submitted by ree

Take a plastic bag. Breath into it and take in the same air. (Do not put over your head). Do this for 8-10 times or less when you feel your hicup is gone, stop it.

This works as the carbon di oxide intake increases the Vagus nerve produces a reflex action which will stop the hicup.

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this does not deserve a rarting Comments By: carrie on 2006-07-07
this is bologna it doesnt work i want my money back a good one would be get a box a chez-its and eat somne while eating it get a friend to do magic tricks with cards it will cure them in no time.
Hey Its worth a try Comments By: Edith on 2006-11-27
here I t hrough this was bull but it worked!!! i tried water, penut butter, holding breath...everything. Thanks!
Breathin into a plastic bag Comments By: Katie on 2008-12-01
Wow! Really does work it's amazin, i didn't have a plastic bag so breathed heavily into a cotton bag and they've gone it's incredible thank you x

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