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Visitors tips Tips for cutting meat

Submitted by Pippi, Miss Rachet &Anne

  • If you are cutting meat you find scissors a great alternative to knives. Any type of scissors. Much easier than with a knife.

  • If you are cutting raw meat be sure to get the scissors super clean afterwards, especially where the blades are joined.

    You can get kitchen shears that separate into two blades, no crevices to worry about. A few snips and the job is done.

  • I keep a long tall container filled with a solution of bleach on my sink into which I put, after rinsing, my knives and scissors, when I have cut meat, poultry or fish. Then they are washed in the normal way. I know they say don't put stainless steel into bleach, but I have done this as long as I can remember and my implements are still as sharp as ever.

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