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Visitors tips Smelly dishcloths?

Submitted by Domestic Goddess, Anne, Jill R

  • My cousin came to my home for a visit last year and after washing dishes we were putting things away and I mentioned that even though my dish cloth was just put in use the night before it was smelly already. She said she would show me how to fix that problem. So after I rinsed it in hot water and could still smell that "smell". she told me to rinse it in cold water. I did. No smelly dishcloth. How it works with cold water, I have no idea but is much more pleasant than that scent they all seem to have. Have told friends and family about this and they are also amazed. Has anyone else ever known and done this? My dishcloths can now last more than 2 days after I rinse them well and leave to dry.

  • What I have done for years, is to keep my dishcloth in a very weak solution of bleach. After using the dishcloth, I rinse it well and put it back into the solution that I keep on the sink. My dishcloth is always clean, disinfected and always white. It also keeps the worktops germ free.

  • I think washing your counter tops and other "high traffic areas" with bleach is good because it cuts down on germs and makes for a healthy home. We are rarely sick in my house and I think this could help.

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