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Skillets Rusty cast iron skillets

Submitted by Thelma Poole

If your cast iron skillets ever rust, here is a way to "cure" them. Cut a white potato in half. Wet the inside of the rusty pan. Pour some Ajax into the pan. Use the potato as a scrubbing pad. The potato will get slick. When it is no longer cleaning, cut a thin slice off and reapply the Ajax and continue to scrub with the new section of potato until all the rust is gone. Rinse and dry. Apply a light coat of shortening or cooking oil and lay a clean paper towel on top of that if stacking with other pans. You will find the rust is reluctant to return after this treatment. If your pan sticks after this, "season" by putting oil in pan and placing in oven at 150 to 200 degrees for 2-3 hours or longer.

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