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Visitors tips Easy way to open a jar.

Submitted by Rusty

This is how I open all of my pickle jars, or any jar lid etc. Take a paring knife, and barely poke a hole in the lid. Just tip the knife a tiny bit to one side. You will hear the suction release as the air escapes.

Open the jar as usual. Put a piece of tape over the hole, on the top of the lid. This never fails to relieve the seal.

Visitors comments

opemin a tight jar lid Comments By: Gloria on 2006-06-04
I tried this tip, but used an ice pick to poke a hole in the jar lid. I did put tape over the little hole. This is the one tip that worked after trying all the others. Thank you Rusty.
open a new pickle jar lid Comments By: KIM on 2008-01-23
just hit the sides of the lid from all sides with a spoon it will loosen the cover and open easily.


Finally! I can endulge myself in a pickle! Comments By: Madison on 2009-01-12
I've been researching "how to open a pickle jar without my dad here" for like twenty minutes. Finally, I came across this. Yummmm. Pickles!

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