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Remove ink in your dryer

To remove ink stains from your clothes dryer, place 2 cups of bleach in a bucket, then fill the bucket halfway with water. Take some old towels and soak up the liquid in the bucket. You don`t want the towels to be dripping wet, just very damp.

Place them directly into the dryer to remove the ink and run an entire cycle. Repeat if necessary. When you feel you have removed the ink sufficiently, place an old dry towel in the dryer to make sure that you removed all of the ink.

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Damnnnn Comments By: Xavier on 2010-11-05
Most of the ink stains came out but i ran out of bleach. Who ever this was that gave this tip saved my ass and thats just putting it lightly.Try this it really works.
Wow ! Magic Here Remove Ink From Dryer Comments By: Playmakerdm on 2010-11-07
Hello Guys I work In Automotive I tryed The Wet Towel with Bleach Some Came Off The Dryer After A few Times But Ink Stll There Then I Tryed Nail Polish Remover With Lots Of Elbow No Luck So I went To My Auto Mech Genuis Mind And Tryed Spray Can Called Carb&Choke Cleaner by Pyroil Valvoline with A Kitchen Paper Towel WOW ! The Ink Came Right Off Like Magic and The Paint Enamel dryer Finished Stayed There. Make Sure You Spray the Towel Not The Dryer Inner Tub you will get runs and you will work Harder ... Note Put A Wet Bleach Towel After you Finish To Take The Spray Can Carb Smell Away ok Enjoy .. Playmakerdm
I'll be damned, it worked! Comments By: Becky on 2010-12-05
I was skeptical... This was the only site that said to use bleach; elsewhere others said goo-gone, hairspray, vegetable shortening or nail polish remover.

I was afraid of flaspoints and this seemed to be the last resort before giving up and living with it. I justified it, I use bleach on the towels anyways... So it can't be that bad... Right?

30 minutes into the drying cycle and I've peaked in. Yup, I'd guess 75-80% is already gone. I'm shocked. Honestly, thought it might have been an internet fable, alas it's not. I'm thrilled.

Wonderful-Life Saver!!!!! Comments By: Shelia on 2010-11-20
As many have stated this is a wonderful tip. I accidentally left a 20/20 black marker in my pocket. My dryer is running now. I just checked and 75-80% of the marker stains are already coming off. Thanks,dryer is only 5 months old.
We are relieved.... Comments By: Maryann on 2010-11-24
After finding 2 pens and the inside of the dryer covered in ink- I thought we would have to buy a new dryer. We used the bleach and towel trick and it worked. THANK YOU
not so well Comments By: toni on 2010-11-24
used nail poilsh remover lightened it but the bleach did clean the dryer walls still have stains
Saved our Christmas Comments By: Ray on 2010-12-24
Used alcohol. Phoned our appliance store. Taked to our daughter. Went to Google for "remove ink from clothes dryer".
Thanks Tipking and all those who answered! WONDERFUL!

No Comments By: Anon on 2010-12-20
it did not work for me the back of my dryer is still a mess and its very noticable and the towel was dry within 5 min i dont recomend this to anyone
I'm not sure what I did wrong... Comments By: Anon on 2011-01-13
But after three hours of this method, it was not working. All I ended up doing was ruining some towels. I'm not sure why this worked for so many people and not me. I followed everyone's suggestions... anywho, I'm still trying to get the ink of the dryer drum. I have tried magic eraser sponges, hairspray, rubbing alcohol, all sorts of household cleaners.. I even tried the toothpaste (which actually worked better than most other attempts), but the ink is still all over the drum. I don't think that if I dry a load of clothes in there that it will come off onto them, as I seem to have removed the "surface" ink, however, the stains look as if they are "baked" in and I will just have to live with it for a while.
It Works! Comments By: anon on 2011-01-21
My son left a couple of highlight markers in his pocket. Ink was all over the dryer. Neither nail polish remover or paint thinner worked. Tried this and the majority of the stains were gone in less than ten minutes!

There will be times when you've tried every tip you can get your hands on to repair damage to your dryer. No matter how many or what tips you try on your own to restore the original condition, it just won't seem to work! If you're the "handyman or handywoman" type it will be as easy as finding a good appliance parts store and getting what you need. But if the job is a little too big for you then you may need to call a appliance repairman.

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