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Alcohol to remove ink in dryer

To get ink stains out of your dryer, rubbing alcohol tends to work best if you saturate a rag with it and wipe the dryer drum. Keep changing rags until no more comes off. Then dry a couple of old towels to make sure nothing comes off on fabrics. Alcohol can also be used to flush ink stains from fabrics. You can also try hair spray, as this is also very good at removing ink stains.

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Alcohol and elbow grease Comments By: Peggy on 2005-04-26
To remove blue ink from my clothes dryer I used rubbing alcohol and lots of elbow grease.
non-acetone fingernail polish Comments By: michaels1mom on 2006-02-28
I just tried non-acetone fingernail polish because I had no alcohol. They dryer was hot and to my amazement, it worked so easily! I just got a white rag and poured some polish remover on it & the ink wiped clean as a whistle. Now, I have to figure out to do with the load of laundry that was ruined last night with the ink!
Hairspray works best! Comments By: Anon on 2007-01-11
I tried alcohol, nail polish remover, and bathroom cleaner before I tried hairspray, and it definetly worked the best. I seemed to wipe off easier, rather than having to scrub it, and didn't seem to smear it around like some of the others.

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