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Clean Melted Crayon in Dryer

Submitted by prfctlildvl

I just had a purple crayon melt in the dryer. There was a full load of laundry which included a brand new spring jacket. I tried the WD-40 on the laundry and it worked wonderfully but the stains in my dryer wouldn't come out.

I ended up using acetone nail polish remover (this worked when we had a pen go through the dryer) and managed to get most of it out. If you try this, just remember to make sure you have good ventillation as the smell of the acetone is extremely overpowering.

I then soaked an old towel in water and ran it through the dryer cycle just to make sure all traces of the acetone and WD-40 were gone. It takes a bit of time and some elbow grease but it's better than buying a new dryer.

I sure hope this helps as it's the worst mess ever - even the pen wasn't this bad!

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thank you Comments By: anon on 2005-11-12
I felt so desperate before... I thought a 49cent box of crayons (and a thoughtless husband)was going to ruin my 700$ dryer! (not to mention 2 pairs of my favorite jeans and my favorite jacket!) Thank you so much for your tip!!! I have hope!
Soft Scrub liquid with bleach with the Soft Scrub dual sided cloth Comments By: Anon on 2009-04-14
Just had it happen to us, only 1 Crayon for us.

After using the Soft Scrub, you need to throughly wipe the dryer out with wet towles.

Tried OxiClean on a fleece jacket. Got most of the Crayon out. Will try the WD-40 tomorrow.



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