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Dawn dishwashing liquid Kills fleas instantly.

Submitted by Don

Dawn dishwashing liquid does the trick. Add a few drops to your dog's bath and shampoo the animal thoroughly. Rinse well to avoid skin irritations. Goodbye fleas

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what happen to the old dawn Comments By: Ann on 2004-10-29
i got a bottle of dawn last week i have used it all week, and everytime i use it it loses the suds quickly and doesnt get the grease off the dishes anymore, what happen to dawn, did u start using a new formula? or what , i love using dawn and dont want to switch to another brand , please go back to the old dawn.
Great tip Comments By: TipKing on 2004-12-01
Thanks Don
dawn dishwashing soap Comments By: rose on 2005-05-30
Don't ever shampoo your pet in anything but a pet shampoo unless instructed by your vet. It strips the essential oils from their coat and can cause other problems. If you have fleas, get a vet recommended product and treat the pet. Fleas can reproduce so quickly once they bite your pet and the eggs don't stay on the pet, they get into carpets, furniture, etc.
Unhappy Comments By: Debbie on 2006-02-06
I am really disappointed in the last three bottles of Dawn that I have purchased. The suds do not last and it is killing my hands. Please undo what has been done with the formula.
Rose-Dawn dishwashing liquid is recommended by vets... Comments By: Anon on 2008-09-29
Before going off on your high horse Rose, perhaps you should collect the facts. Vets do recommend the Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash pets, particularly if they are infested. In fact, I was particularly told to use this solution for shampooing 4 little kittens that a stray cat had on my property, who were infested. The vet said this wouldbe the quickest way to get rid alot of the fleas before applying a small amount of advantage. IF I did nothing, the kittens could actually be a risk at dying from anemia. This method did remove alot of the fleas. I wouldn't necessarily say they killed all of them but knocked them out a least long enough to be able to pick alot of them off with tweezers. several in the sink started hopping around after a period of time but I just rinsed them down the sink. Time will tell how effective the treatment is as a whole.
fleas and dawn Comments By: myrrisa on 2009-01-21
dawn dishwasing soap does the tick for fleas on dogs. we just got a new puppy and we were told to use dawn bc it is not harmful to a young puppy. i could not believe how well it worked. took them all out in one scrub.
Want to purchase Dawn in UK Comments By: Charlotte on 2009-04-02
I'm on an extended visit with a friend here in the UK (from the US). I've used Dawn all my adult life in the US, but can't find it here in England . . . and the liquids I've tried here are just not up par with Dawn ! Help meeeeeee, please ! Need to find out where I can purchase some Dawn ! Got to have some !
thinnling Comments By: spyros k on 2009-06-21
I have a question. If I use dawn dishwashing detergent on my dog to kill fleas, will it strip off the advantage I put on her a couple weeks ago. I used dawn, as recomended by a friend, and it was amazing! It killed fleas instantly. But I just don't want to take away her protective medicine. any help would be awesome. thank you.
Dawn For Fleas Comments By: Phil on 2009-08-17
Hello all.....Yes I work at The Cincinnati Zoo and a Vet told me to use ONLY THE BLUE DAWN!!! This does help with fleas. If you do use this product you should wait about 72 hours before applying FrontLine also you need to treat the inside of your home to kill the adult fleas and the eggs. Apply to areas such as where the pet sleeps most. And apply to beds carpet and sofas etc the product I use I get from my vet called Siphotrol Plus ll premise Spray made by Vet-Kem. Its 100% knock down in 10 Minutes and it last for 30 weeks. and it treats 2,000 square feet per bottle. JUST DONT SPRAY IT ON YOUR PETS!!!!!! and its water based aerosol and leaves no sticky mess. so you can spray beds etc. I hope I gave you enough info. I HATE FLEAS :) the also have a website www.vet-kem.com Phone 1800-766-7661
where do I get dawn liquid soap in the uk!! Comments By: sarah on 2009-09-18
I have been looking for an effective treatment to use against fleas on my 2 cats and 2 dogs and having finally learned about dawn dishwashing liquid am incredibly fustrated and I can not seem to get hold of any in the u.k or believe it or not even via the internet! help please!! front line used to be great but my animals seem to be building an imunity to it!
Dawn for ur pets ........... Comments By: Dog lover on 2009-11-16
I must say this product is awesome, I was told by the vet to use DAWN because over the past couple of weeks I noticed my dog had fleas each time I bathed him and I was disgusted and had to get them out, I bathed him in it and after applied advantix was satisfied. I do recommend this to others who have pets I will bathe him in Dawn from now on ...
DAWN AND TICKS Comments By: Tejanita on 2009-12-07
I know that the same insecticides are used to kill ticks and fleas. Has anyone had any luck with getting rid of ticks with Dawn?
Dawn in UK Comments By: anon on 2010-06-28
I read that Fairy Magic dish soap sold in the UK is similar to Dawn.
where can i buy dawn Comments By: dawn sanford on 2010-09-02
Please can you tell me where i can buy Dawn wash up liqued in the uk

TipKing says: The best equivalent in the UK for dawn is Fairy

South-Africa Comments By: Michelle on 2010-09-20
Hi all can I get Dawn dishwashing detergent in South-Africa?
farm and flees Comments By: Grassybranch on 2010-09-23
We have a small farm in Virginia.
In the spring, every month till first frost I use a 1/4 cup per 5 gallon bucket water.
give the dogs and cats a bath. No flees problems.

Fab Comments By: MH on 2011-03-31
Is this product availble in South Africa,
and what shops

oh dawn where can you be Comments By: marcus on 2011-04-05
hi all i stay in port-elizabeth can someone please tell where i can find this dawn dishwasher thanks
help Comments By: raichelle on 2011-05-14
is there an equivalent of dawn dishwashing liquid here in the philippines
Good vets will recommend home remedies Comments By: NIc on 2011-07-08
Most vets, if they are good vets will recommend home remedies. Keep in mind that the flea medications you buy at your pet store or from your vet are toxic. They are a lot more toxic to pets than Dawn Dish Detergent. Read the warning labels on your flea medication. Many of them suggest you should not use the various flea control medications on older dogs. You can't use it on pregnant dogs. Think about what you're using before you start talking about dish detergent being more dangerous than Flea Medication.
where Comments By: Shirley on 2011-08-03
where can you get dawn dishwashing liquid from, ive checked my local store and i cannot find it??
South Africa Comments By: Carla on 2011-08-08
Hi, I'm liviing in East London South Africa & I'm looking for the regular Dawn Dish soap, where will I be able to find some in SA???
dawn and fleas! Comments By: liz on 2011-08-23
wow i was told about using dawn dish liquid by my vet i had gotton fleas in my home and in my carpet so i just bought a sprayer at our local store and added a half bottle dawn to 5 gal water and sprayed it lightly on my carpet not missing a spot. 2 hours later when carpet was dry no fleas!!! and the carpet looked fresh and clean I had spent over 100 dollars over the past 3 weeks trying to get rid of the fleas and all it took was a 98 cent bottle of dawn.....
Dawn is the best thing to use on ur pet to get rid of flea's!! Comments By: Princess420 on 2011-10-23
I have been using Dawn dishwashing liquid on my cat's for some years now, it's the best thing to use for getting rid of fleas! It kills the fleas on contact. I was worried to use it on a litter of kittens that are only 2 weeks old, but it worked even on them also, n it didn't hurt them either!

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