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Baby shampoo for Animals with fleas

If you have animals in the house and they have fleas try washing them with baby shampoo. This is what I have used on my cat for 15yrs it always kills the fleas. Make sure to rinse all the shampoo out when you finish washing .

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baby shampoo Comments By: marsha on 2005-09-04
ok i'm going to try it
nothing seems to be working

Great!!! Comments By: Rachel on 2006-12-03
I was in the pet store trying to pick the best flea shampoo when a woman who breeds dogs told me to use baby shampoo that it works better than anything out there. It really works and it works better than any shampoo. I would recommend this for any one with a flea problem.
Do NOT use human shampoo on pets!!! Comments By: Brittany (san francisco) on 2008-05-22
I work at a gooming salon for a living and I see confused owners whose dogs and cats come with dry/irritated skin all the time! The first thing I ask them is: "Do you bathe your pet at home? What kind of shampoo are you using?" Nine times out of ten they say their breeder told them to use baby shampoo. This is a HUGE NO-NO!!! Human shampoo (regardless of how "gentle" it says it is) is NOT pH balanced for your pet! It will harm your pets skin and coat causing it to dry out, become very itchy, and shed excessively! This makes your and your pet's life miserable! If your pet has sensitive skin, use a hypo-allergenic or sensitive skin shampoo/conditioner. Never bathe your pet more than once every 4-6 weeks, as this will dry out the skin no matter what shampoo you use. Please note that proper groomin/bathing is essential to your pets health and happiness!
Baby shampoo is fine Comments By: Jay on 2008-06-18
Baby shampoo works fine. Rinse well and you will be good to go.

Groomers will tell you a thousand stories to scare you. When it comes down to it animals will have different reactions to any product, human or pet safe.

Flea shampoos have more chemicals that can harm your pet than baby shampoo. Use common sense. Check your pet's skin for reactions. If you notice itching or dryness, discontinue use for several days while your pets skin heals or consult a vet. Some animals may not be able to handle any shampoos because of allergies.

The important thing is that you control the fleas. They will do more than iritate the skin.

Baby shampoo is the best thing when a kitten is too young for anything else.

question about killing fleas on kittens Comments By: Terri on 2008-09-03
when you "dip" the kittens/cats up to their neck in the baby shampoo/water mixture - don't the fleas scatter to the kitties head, eyes, ears? What do you do then?
works wonders Comments By: jess on 2010-09-13
My dogs had a serious flea problem. Because we have 3 of them, it was easy for it to spread around. Even after bathing them, if you only missed a couple fleas on each dog, it was massively spread again. I was using a bunch of different flea chemicals. Even the ones that said "kills on contact" didn't kill on contact. They killed them eventually, but it was a tedious process. After washing them, I would sit them in my lap and inspect every part of them. When I would find one, I would dab it with the "kill on contact" and have to chase the flea down before it finally died. Then I got worried about using all these chemicals on them and decided to use the baby shampoo.Again, I sat him in my lap and when I would see one I would dab the baby shampoo with a cotton swab and he IMMEDIATELY died. So now, I will just bath them that way instead of using all these chemcials. Dry skin is much better than fleas...and trust me, they will destroy their own skin trying to get the fleas..this seems a much better trade off.
My choice Comments By: Elli K on 2011-07-25
As washing baby's hair is always a challenge, it is important that this shampoo is really gentle on eyes. The fact that it does not sting when getting in the eyes makes getting their hair washed a little easier task. And a trick I discovered after my son started walking - washing hair in the shower is so much easier than doing it in the bathtub!

With some products I do not like to experiment with, I try to go with products that minimize the chance of not working, and are recommended by true friends or doctors. I asked my doctor about baby shampoo and then all my friends. Shielo is the only brand I trust on my baby's skin, specifically their Shielo Hydrate Shampoo and Shielo Hydrate Vibrancy Conditioner.


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