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Night time trap to kill fleas in your home

Submitted by Cathy

Place a small bowl with a little Dawn dish liquid and water in it under a night light. In the morning you will see the results. I have 7 cats and this really does work.

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soapy water Comments By: hether on 2004-09-11
this works yes but my only issue was that the little fleas couldnt get in the water bowls so the just hopped along the light shadow causing them to jump on people.
Use a flat dish - not a bowl Comments By: Joan on 2005-05-16
Use a white/light colored plate and mix the Dawn with some water...Make sure the room is dark except fo the light illuminating the plate
I have used dawn soap in water in a bowl Comments By: J. Lewis on 2005-10-13
But with a heavy infestation it is cheaper to go out and get spray to spray with. Tho it does work, you cannot keep bowls of water everywhere all the fleas jump to. And you really do not want your dog to drink or spill the water.

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