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Eliminating cat urine odour

Submitted by Denise

Here is a great mixture for removing the smell of cat urine. Simply add 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and wash the areas affected.

I have my cat litter trays in the bathroom, sometimes the cats leak over onto the floor, so I wash the lino with the above mixture.

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Not Only for floors Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-11
I left my cat in the house for a few days while I went away. The cat wasn't happy with the sitting arrangements so he urinated on my bed several times in my absence.

I saturated the mattress with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water, though it took over 24 hours to dry, the stench is GONE!!!

Cat spray removal Comments By: Mary on 2006-05-14
I did not find a remedy to remove the odor from cat spray. My young tom got out today and was encountered by a neighborhood tom. A fight erupted. I finally found Harry, scared to death, but covered in spray. Yuck....He is not fond of water. I know the answer is to have him neutered but in the meantime I am suffering! Can you help? I have 3 other cats, who are all neutered and they never seem to encounter any resistance outside.
cat spray removal help Comments By: Daryl Ginn on 2006-09-17
Hi, I have not tried this, but I think it should work. I do know that white vinegar will neutralize pretty much any odor. Try washing your cat first (if possible), then spray him with straight white vinegar. Make sure to keep it away from his eyes and nose as it would burn. If he is not cooperative for bathing, just hold him tightly by the skin on the back of his neck. It will not hurt him at all, but paralyzes him while you hold him that way, so it will protect you from scratches while allowing you to give him a bath. This is how the mama cats carry their kittens. Good luck.
vinegar and urine.. Comments By: Beth on 2007-01-26
This does not always work...my cat had an accident on my new quilt and I washed it several times with vinegar but still the smell was there. I used baking soda in with the next wash and rinse and again with vinegar, baking soda and detergent.
a missing ingredient! Comments By: Michell Beauchamp on 2008-01-12
I used 50%vinegar and 25% water then mixed hydrogen peroxide with alittle bit of dish soap( peroxide kills the bacteria in the urine)then sprinkled baking soda on it and aggitated it in to the carpet so it would get to the pad where the urine is. Let it dry, then vacuum it. It took a few tries.. BUT IT IS GONE!
Bad cat urine smells. Comments By: joan on 2008-07-07

I dont actually have a cat, but my neighbour does. This cat keeps on coming outside my bedroom windows and does his/her urine/spray just belows my window. The smell is so bad and i dont know what to do. I have tried bleach, jays disinfectint, orange peels but nothing seems to work.

Please give me some advice that will get rid of this smell as i have just had a baby and if i cant smell it im sure she cant to. Thank you.

neutered siamese spraying Comments By: tiggi's mum on 2008-09-04
have tried all above but still sprays!
Tom Cat Urine remedies Comments By: Beck on 2008-09-20
Neutering will not necessarily eliminate spraying, especially if neutered post-puberty, however the unique enzyme of tom cat urine that gives it it's stench will reduce and the smell will therefore be reduced also. Most neutered cats that spray don't stink so bad, which is a consolation at least! I have 2 tom cats spraying in my house at the moment, and one neutered male trying to compete. What digusting fun. I use either vinegar and baking soda, or a laundry powder (enzyme concentrate only) which does the job.
As per article in the guardian magazine 20/08/09 Comments By: Paul Boocock on 2008-09-26
there was an article in the guardian last week www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2008/sep/20/diy.homes
500ml Odour Killer available from kennelsupplies www.kennelsupplies.co.uk or call 01964 613860

nilodor will do the trick Comments By: Robyn Robertson on 2008-09-27
White vinegar is great, but sometimes there is still a lingering smell.
I purchased a product called nilodour concentrated deodoriser from Franklins - cost approx $6 it works wonders- you only need one drop and it can be used for a multitude of unwanted odours.

A not too known remedy that works quickly;cat pee Comments By: Lesley.UK on 2010-04-18
I have a neutered Tom who still sprays and three queens so I get trouble.I think I'd tried everything I could but have had sudden success... Go to the local co-op if it's still open and buy The co-op ecological all-purpose cleaner from the cleaning shelf.I have a mesh laundry basket that got it and putting quarter of a cap in an old trigger spray bottle and then topping it up with water,administered it..I could see the sticky urine crystals melting on impact and no smell after either..used it round the house since -no sweat but says not to use it on wood or some surfaces..hope this helps.
help Comments By: kirsty on 2010-07-16
would like urgent help on how to get my tom cat spray smell away. he does it every wer in house when my female cat who isnt dressed yet is n the same room, even over you and nxt to wer you are sitting. hes only a year and in waiting for the date to have him snipt,waiting time at the vet dnt seem to be cuming, i have 2 female cats and 2 toms 1tom snipt and 1 female dressed 2. hw can u save mr from being homless and hungry.xxxx
washing powder Comments By: jenny on 2010-10-09
When I used the vinegar combination I found it did not work very well on first try, and it did not leave a very pleseant smell then I was told bio washing powder and water works first time as the powder breaks down the emzes in the urine. So I thought if it gets the smell out of clothing why not try it so I did try it on the sofa and also I put the mixture in a bucket and used it in the garden just outside the back door as I have a stray that keeps turning up and my cat dont like it so he was spraying the backdoor and it worked first time and it left a pleseant smell afterwards
are you people stupid Comments By: Susan on 2010-11-06
You people who have unneutered toms are so stupid, if you have thenm neutered at 5mths they will not spray. Also it is all you stupid people out their withintact queens and toms who have created this huge cat population. Are you so selfish and stupid not to care about your cats. I am one of many who works in cat rescues and has to try and rehome all of the unwanted cats produced by you stupid lot with entire cats.Do the cats a favour and get them neutered . You also give toms a bad name because potential cat owners think all toms stink= NO only entire ones.
No... stupid Susan? LOL Comments By: JVOB on 2010-11-12
I have had cats for over 50yrs I have to tell you you're wrong Susan. Both male and female cats can mark their territory and just because a tom cat has been snipped (which just slows down his sex drive), it doesn't stop him marking his patch. If you bring something into the house which is from another male cat's patch he will know instantly and over mark..
I think the scent gland can also be removed but it's more complex surgically. Bio washing powder does a really good job in neutralizing the problem though.

Erasing Problem... Comments By: jujupet on 2011-02-21
I have a couple of male cats in my road all of which like my front garden, (( barked in area's,)) SO I mixed warm water and small amount chillie pepper till disolved and rubbed over my window sill and sprayed some on the garden area,... no more problem..they hate the smell...lol..one neighbour used this in her home near her sofa where her cat liked to go.. worked for her also..
HELP!! Comments By: Desperate on 2011-03-03
I had to go away for a few days and my cat was well looked after by friends. She obviously didn't like the arrangements because despite there being 2 very clean litter trays for her to use she has urinated in several areas on the carpet. She is also still doing this even though I am back home. I have tried the vinegar and water method and biological washing powder but the smell still lingers and she is revisiting the areas daily. Any suggestions on how I can stop her?

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