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Removing Cat Urine smell and stains

Submitted by Paul

When it comes to removing cat urine smell I have found the following useful:

Use concentrated washing liquid ( Persil / Ariel etc) on a cloth ..scrub the area and then rinse.

The enzymes break down both the odor and remove the stain. Its the best thing I have found.

Visitors comments

Feedback from a carpet cleaner Comments By: Jo on 2004-09-04
I would not recommend this for carpet. It may neutralize the smell, however be careful of using any detergents on carpet. Some of them act as magnets for dirt, also never 'scrub' spots on carpet. ONLY BLOT...scrubing causes fiber distortion, which leaves discolored fibers...a grayed area usually.
What about ....... Comments By: Doug on 2004-10-21
What about a diluted solution of liquid washing detergent? I totally understand the scrubbing thing. It does create quite a mess. Please let me know what you think about a diluted solution. Thanks!

TipKing Says: Dilulted may not deal with the problem the same.

best & recommended by cat behaviouralist Comments By: kitty queen on 2006-04-02
the best way to deal with the unpleasant smell of cat spray or urine is 1-10 parts Biological washing powder/liquid. Then when dry lightly mist with white spirit, it eats away at the fatty acids found in cat urine
Christmas Tree Comments By: Gerry on 2006-12-11
My cat urinated on our artificial christmas tree while in storage. After removal it smelled. We have tried pet store remover spray but it did not work. Does anyone have an idea how to get it out. Very expensive tree and hate to get rid of it after only one year of use. Please help!!!!

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