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Use this to pick up your dog's poop outside

If you have to pick up your dog poop outside, don't use the poopey bags, the smell comes through. Instead buy a box of the rubber dr.'s gloves and use that to pick up the poop. Then all you have to do is hold the poop while you bring it over and turn it inside out. Then tie a knot, done.

I can never smell anything come out after tying.

A good place to buy these is Costco or Sam's. I got 200 of them for $8.

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Picking up dog poop 2 Comments By: Betty on 2004-07-29
Excellent tip but just as effective and inexpensive is to use nappy sacks (or diaper as you folk in the US say!. Nappy sacks not only cost very little (here about �1.95 for 200, thats about $3.50 I think), but they have the added bonus of being fragrant too! Even my dog approves of the nappy sacks lol
FREE way to pick up the poo Comments By: The Shadow Knows on 2004-08-31
You know all those nice plastic bags that you've collected from Wally World and at the grocery? Take two. Insert your hand into one; pick up the poo; turn the bag with the poo inside out, and drop it in the other bag. Tie it off; drop in the rubbish bin. No muss, no fuss and best of all it's FREE.
Save your newspaper delivery sacks Comments By: Julies on 2010-03-18
In the US the newspapers that land on our doorsteps each morning arrive in narrow plastic sacks when it is raining or snowing. Save them and they are the ideal pickup sacks for dog poo.

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