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Are you getting bit by your pets fleas?

Submitted by Crystal

When I was a kid, I was the only one in the house the fleas would get, (that's how we knew the dogs brought them in) I would put garlic salt on the bed around me when I slept and rubbed it on my skin during the day, until the exterminator could get there. It was smelly, but it was better than being itchy. I'm in the process of giving my dogs garlic in their food to see if it will repel fleas through the smell from their body.

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garlic pills are amazing Comments By: Anon on 2005-05-11
give your dog or cat a garlic pill each day and soon they will be flea and tick free. It gets in their pores and the pests won't stay on them.
Garlic repels fleas?? Comments By: Otherside on 2007-07-25
Does this really work? I eat at least a whole clove of garlic every day and I get mauled whenever my cat has fleas... are you suggesting I eat more?
I'll do it lol

Been doing this for years! Comments By: Juli B on 2008-07-07
I've been giving my dogs brewer's yeast and garlic tabs for many, many years and it works wonderfully and much cheaper than the commercial products. It's odorless so your pets don't smell like garlic at all and I'm told it's good for their coats as well.

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