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Practical Photos into postcards

Submitted by The Swedish Troll

Just a simple tip here, if you have spare photos and you like to enter competitions or send off for freebies, just make the photo into a postcard. All you need do is stick a card on the back, and there you go! These tend to stand out more than the usual viewcards as they are unique and you do tend to be luckier in such events.

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Photo Postcards Comments By: Emmy Bea on 2005-12-16
I use extra 4x6 photos as postcards. I have found that they always are received in perfect condition. (If I put them into a mailer and said Do Not Bend, they used to end up mutilated.) I usually type my message and address on the computer and cut and tape them onto the postcard. I always add a first-class stamp because this is usually in place of a How are you letter or a Thank you note.

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