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General tips Burning CD's

Submitted by Cheryl

If you are burning cd's protecting your data for what you think is years to come, I have learned that you shouldn't be putting those sticky labels on the Cd's.

After doing some research online, wanting to know how long a Cd is really going to last, I found that many Cd's with the labels will go bad after 2 - 10 years. If you are savings photos, this means you will loose them at some point.

I found that you should only write on the cd's with a black felt tip pen, store then in a case, and in a dry place where they can last up to 100 years! Or so it is thought......

Visitors comments

Also? Comments By: Alan W. on 2008-09-12
I have also read that the sticky labels can sometimes turn up at the edges and can possibly cause the CD to explodes inside the CD Drive.
Good tip Comments By: Anon on 2011-05-07
This is a great idea, its easy to just forget about backups that have been put away for years. And there has never been any reported case of a CD blowing up in a drive because of a sticker or for any other reason.

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