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Visitors tips Cut heating bills with window quilts.

Submitted by Linne Dodds

We have heavy drapes in some windows & plastic on our porch. I have Window Quilts in my bedroom windows. These are regular quilts for a single/twin bed. We folded down the top edge & sewed it to form a rod sleeve. I slid them on tension rods & voila.

Window quilts, they keep out a lot of cold air & they're nice looking. One of them has Jungle Cats , the other has Winnie the Pooh & friends. I don't care one bit if my room Matches. I have lightweight cat pattern curtains under them & lilac colored roll shades under those.

Mixing patterns is another way to save money.

Visitors comments

Just what I was looking for Comments By: Joyce Kaiser on 2005-01-17
What a terrific idea. I was searching on the internet for insulated window coverings and it seemed as if everything there is either expensive or very complicated. This is easy and will be very inexpensive if I just buy quilting materials.

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