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Family How to get your kid out of detention

Submitted by Ron

This tip will basically work if you have a cell phone. When entering the office to speak with the principal/vice principal/teacher/etc. Have someone call you on your cell pohne and hang up when you pick up.

For parents ONLY, Say something similar to the following:

Hello? (your friend should be hanging up about now)...Oh hi mom!!hows dad doing...what....when?....on the parkway or in town?...........oh my god dont worry ill be right over.....(hang up)

Say this to the teacher, etc.

mr./mrs. whatever, my father was in a car accident about 10 minutes ago. Im so sorry. I'll call when this all gets straightened out....when did you say his detention was?

The authority figure will feel bad and call it off. If not...he/she can sense tricks as well as my wife...which means they're pretty damn good.

Visitors comments

That's ridiculous Comments By: Anon on 2004-08-10
That is absolutly ridiculous. If my child was in detention chances are there is a reason they were there.

All this tip does is say to your child that it is ok to lie and do wrong and then you can get yourself out of the trouble you are in. I would never allow my child to do something like that himself, but what I am teaching him is that it is ok if his mom or dad does it. That makes me a hypocrite.

Appalled Comments By: Susan Logan on 2005-12-18
This sounds like a post from a teenager posing as a parent. Thankfully, as a teacher, I find most parents to be a lot more supportive.
Poor Comments By: ANON on 2006-05-29
If your kid is in detention then it's a teacher's decision and you shouldn't be making excuses to get them out of it!!
Your child is going to grow up thinking it's ok to lie and cheat people,that it's ok to do that because the parents taught them.


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