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Wint'o'green lifesavers for hiccups

Submitted by Patrick J. Ginley III, PA-C, RN

I have given wint'o'green lifesavers for over 20 years to people with hiccups. This remedy has been verified empirically by coworkers in the department of Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic where I work.

I once gave a lifesaver to a young man who was paraplegic and had hiccups for 7 days straight every few seconds. He barely had it in his mouth long enough to dissolve anything for one swallow and he never had another hiccup.

This was a miracle to him because he was to have open heart surgery the next day and was terrified what the hiccups might do to his incision and inability to rest or sleep.

There have been many other people over the years with cessation of hiccups about 9 out of 10 times or better. I tried to contact the lifesaver company once, even reaching their chemists, but they didn't believe I was serious or for real.

This tip is so incredible because it is not harmful and has no apparent side effects or drug interactions. It also does not sedate the person like one traditional method using thorazine. I have not seen similar results using spearmint or other mints, just Wint'o'green.

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Without my wintogreen lifesaver! Comments By: Dee on 2008-05-21
Here I am at the bottom of the list. I must have a gallon of water in my stomach along with the other fluids, my earlobes and pressure points are in pain, I've contorted myself into some pretty amazing positions to drink said fluids, and yet I still have the Hiccups! And to top it all off, I don't have a wint'o'green lifesaver. Might as well try some tequila, at least if it doesn't work I'll be able to sleep easier.
Wint'o'green Comments By: Anon on 2008-08-28
Not surprised they cure hiccups, they taste so revolting I pretty much gagged and spat them out. Bought accidentally at a Kroger Supermarket in the USA. The fruit ones are yummy though.

All the benefits of Root Beer in a sweet - Eeeww !!!


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