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Cool water to cure Migraine headaches

To ease a migraine, sit with your feet in a bowl of cool water. Sounds simple but it works.

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Nice Comments By: alphaghostx on 2005-03-27
Works like a charm
no Comments By: max mcpolden on 2009-01-08
it did not work its a load of rubbish
It helps... Comments By: Ruth on 2010-05-22
You've got to remember that everyone is different and therefore the reasons they get a migraine are not the same and how they manage to 'cure' them. I have tried both the hot shower and the cool water tricks. I won't say that it has gone but they have both helped it, a lot. Just because this didn't work for you doesn't mean that it's rubbish! It obviously helps some people. So perhaps you should try other things? I normally just drink lots of water, keep away from as much light as possible and just try to sleep. This time I wanted to try something that would help faster and I think this does.

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