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Cure for smelly feet, foot odour. Home remedy

Submitted by Martin Reid

..........See the comments. This tip may not be safe on sensative feet.......
Have a go at the following to cure the odor of smelly feet, wash daily and rub with boric acid powder, for one week, No more smelly feet. I used this a few years ago and have not had a problem since. Boric acid powder is readily available at your pharmacist.

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Not on the skin? Comments By: Heather on 2004-07-16
I saw the tip on using Boric Acid Powder for smelly feet, and, having teenagers with that very problem, I went out and got some...Never heard of the stuff. I got it home, and THEN read the label...Do not use as a dusting powder on the skin. What did I miss???
DO NOT ignore the instructions on your packets Comments By: TipKing on 2004-07-16
I am sure that the tip works, however one should NOT ignore the instructions on your packets. My official advice is do not use the contents of that packet. However if I had really bad feet and I had had a recommendation that something would cure them then I might give it a go.....However I would probably ask my doctor if it was safe to use boric acid powder on my feet.
it realy works Comments By: raj on 2006-03-31
I tried boric acid and it works very well
thank you

boric acid for smelly feet Comments By: janet on 2007-01-15
This is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. Use daily for one week. Dead skin will slough off. Then no more smell.
Boric acid Comments By: Diane Robinson on 2007-04-14
I have used boric acid and have never had smelly feet since and no ill effects from using it.
Smelly Feet Cured Forever Comments By: Diane on 2007-04-14
Before I tried boric acid NOTHING worked and I could ruin a new pair of shoes in days with ny smelly feet. This is the best tip I have EVER had.

The ONLY cure for smelly feet that really works Comments By: Janet on 2007-06-30
I have used boric acid now for the last 2 years. I swear the smell of my feet were horrible and I could even smell them through my boots. As soon as I tried the boric acid ....it was like a miracle no other products ever worked for me. Buy boric power.....(not granulated) and rub feet with it (1-2 tablespoons) then sleep with socks on. In the morning powder the feet making sure you rub between toes and heals of feet. Power your shoes too. Do this for one week every night. I promise you won't have stinky feet again. I use boric acid every 4-6 months and NEVER have stinky feet at all. I still sweat alot but no smell.
Commercial Product Comments By: Kimmy on 2007-07-04
I haven't tried the Boric, but there is a product I got from New Zealand that stops the stink for 6 months! You use 1 container in your smelly shoes (it is a powder) and thats the end of it. Sorry, I don't recall the URL but if you search for Virasoothe, one of their other products (for cold sores, thats good too, BTW) It should bring it up
boric acid Comments By: Jesse Saiz on 2007-07-11
what is the boric acid called? cause the pharmacist have the boric acid powder but its poison what the one that aint poison.

TipKing says: This tip has a warning on it that it may not be safe. So if you are in any doubt do not use. I do not know about the different types of boric acid powder.

Boric Acid Info Comments By: karenlee on 2007-08-02
From Wikipedia:
While strictly speaking, Boric Acid is poisonous if taken internally or inhaled, it is generally not considered to be much more toxic than table salt.

It can be used as an antiseptic for minor burns or cuts and is sometimes used in dressings or salves or is applied in a very dilute solution as an eye wash. As an anti-bacterial compound, boric acid can also be used as an acne treatment. Boric acid can be used to treat yeast and fungal infections such as candidiasis (vaginal yeast infections) by inserting a vaginal suppository containing 600 mg of boric acid daily for 14 days (PMID 10865926).

It is also used as prevention of athlete's foot, by inserting powder in the socks or stockings, and in solution can be used to treat some kinds of otitis externa (ear infection) in both humans and animals. The preservative in urine sample bottles (red cap) in the UK is boric acid.

Boric acid has the distinction of being the only known acid that is actually beneficial (rather than harmful) to the eyes, and as such is used by ophthalmologists and in some commercial eye drops.


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