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Cure for smelly feet, foot odour. Home remedy

Submitted by Martin Reid

..........See the comments. This tip may not be safe on sensative feet.......
Have a go at the following to cure the odor of smelly feet, wash daily and rub with boric acid powder, for one week, No more smelly feet. I used this a few years ago and have not had a problem since. Boric acid powder is readily available at your pharmacist.

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Not on the skin? Comments By: Heather on 2004-07-16
I saw the tip on using Boric Acid Powder for smelly feet, and, having teenagers with that very problem, I went out and got some...Never heard of the stuff. I got it home, and THEN read the label...Do not use as a dusting powder on the skin. What did I miss???
DO NOT ignore the instructions on your packets Comments By: TipKing on 2004-07-16
I am sure that the tip works, however one should NOT ignore the instructions on your packets. My official advice is do not use the contents of that packet. However if I had really bad feet and I had had a recommendation that something would cure them then I might give it a go.....However I would probably ask my doctor if it was safe to use boric acid powder on my feet.
it realy works Comments By: raj on 2006-03-31
I tried boric acid and it works very well
thank you

boric acid for smelly feet Comments By: janet on 2007-01-15
This is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. Use daily for one week. Dead skin will slough off. Then no more smell.
Boric acid Comments By: Diane Robinson on 2007-04-14
I have used boric acid and have never had smelly feet since and no ill effects from using it.
Smelly Feet Cured Forever Comments By: Diane on 2007-04-14
Before I tried boric acid NOTHING worked and I could ruin a new pair of shoes in days with ny smelly feet. This is the best tip I have EVER had.

The ONLY cure for smelly feet that really works Comments By: Janet on 2007-06-30
I have used boric acid now for the last 2 years. I swear the smell of my feet were horrible and I could even smell them through my boots. As soon as I tried the boric acid ....it was like a miracle no other products ever worked for me. Buy boric power.....(not granulated) and rub feet with it (1-2 tablespoons) then sleep with socks on. In the morning powder the feet making sure you rub between toes and heals of feet. Power your shoes too. Do this for one week every night. I promise you won't have stinky feet again. I use boric acid every 4-6 months and NEVER have stinky feet at all. I still sweat alot but no smell.
Commercial Product Comments By: Kimmy on 2007-07-04
I haven't tried the Boric, but there is a product I got from New Zealand that stops the stink for 6 months! You use 1 container in your smelly shoes (it is a powder) and thats the end of it. Sorry, I don't recall the URL but if you search for Virasoothe, one of their other products (for cold sores, thats good too, BTW) It should bring it up
boric acid Comments By: Jesse Saiz on 2007-07-11
what is the boric acid called? cause the pharmacist have the boric acid powder but its poison what the one that aint poison.

TipKing says: This tip has a warning on it that it may not be safe. So if you are in any doubt do not use. I do not know about the different types of boric acid powder.

Boric Acid Info Comments By: karenlee on 2007-08-02
From Wikipedia:
While strictly speaking, Boric Acid is poisonous if taken internally or inhaled, it is generally not considered to be much more toxic than table salt.

It can be used as an antiseptic for minor burns or cuts and is sometimes used in dressings or salves or is applied in a very dilute solution as an eye wash. As an anti-bacterial compound, boric acid can also be used as an acne treatment. Boric acid can be used to treat yeast and fungal infections such as candidiasis (vaginal yeast infections) by inserting a vaginal suppository containing 600 mg of boric acid daily for 14 days (PMID 10865926).

It is also used as prevention of athlete's foot, by inserting powder in the socks or stockings, and in solution can be used to treat some kinds of otitis externa (ear infection) in both humans and animals. The preservative in urine sample bottles (red cap) in the UK is boric acid.

Boric acid has the distinction of being the only known acid that is actually beneficial (rather than harmful) to the eyes, and as such is used by ophthalmologists and in some commercial eye drops.

boric acid Comments By: Jesse Saiz on 2007-08-09
the one on americarx.com a good one?
boric acid Comments By: jesse on 2007-10-30
where do you get the boric acid powder?

TipKing says: Ask at a drug store or chemists

boric acid Comments By: jesse on 2007-11-19
can i buy some from yous?

TipKing says: No! Ask at a shop that sells medicines

boric acid Comments By: Jesse on 2007-11-29
whats a website where i can get some?
some has my thinking thell erase my email

Boric Acid Comments By: Question on 2007-12-07
Are you people talking about boric acid powder against cockroaches?
Boric Acid Powder (Is it safe) Comments By: Kathy on 2008-04-01
I called a few local pharmacists in my area. They all said they discontinued this product. Not one of them gave me a logical explanation. Does anyone know if it is really safe to use for smelly or sweaty feet? If so, where can it be purchased?
Boric Acid Powder Comments By: Anon on 2008-04-26
In the US, I remember 10-13 years ago just walking into your average drugstore and buying a couple bottles of it off the shelf.
Some environmental group recommended it as an environmentally friendly alternative for getting rid of ants. Boy did it work well! I just shook some into a tea steeping strainer/sifter and sifting it onto the old carpet in the apartment. One day: many ants, two days later: not a one.

The Boric Acid was in a white plastic bottle.

Now I can't find it in the few drugstores that I checked.

I did a search on it on ebay and the closest thing I found was named Boric Acid Powder, in a white plastic bottle.

ba Comments By: lysette on 2008-05-03
Look for it near the laundry items or pest control
another use for boric acid Comments By: betty on 2008-05-24
Boric acid can be bought from ebay
Also helps with tear staining in dogs, Poodles, Shih Tzus etc

Used it for years Comments By: A. Walker on 2008-06-22
I got Athlete's Foot while in the Air Force and had smelly feet for years until I was told about Boracic Acid Powder.
Later, this powder became unobtainable but you can buy BORAX (Trade Name) which is a water softener for laundry use and contains Boracic Acid.
Smelly feet is often caused by a fungus living in the skin which isn't affected by using loose powder so I dissolve 2 tablespoons of BORAX in a bowl of hot water, soak the feet in it for 15 minutes until the water goes cold and then leave the feet to dry naturally.
This ensures that the powder gets under the skin to the fungus.
It is now two years since I last used this method and my feet are still clean, fresh and normal.
Whilst I have not suffered any ill effects whatsoever from this treatment I would suggest that it is tested with care on a small area first as, what suits me may not suit you, and I do not wish to be held responsible for any ill effects which may occur.

boric acid powder.. Comments By: joy on 2008-07-11
someone please tell me whether it really works on smelly feet coz my boyfriend's feet smell, trust me its baaaad.. and i really love him but it bugs me to death. i want to help him so i can spend atleast 1hour in the same room with him without making an excuse to leave.please inform me coz i would'nt want to cause more harm than good.
is orthoboric acid powder the same as boric acid powder? Comments By: Anon on 2008-07-17
Does anyone know if orthoboric acid powder will do the same - de-smellifying thing to your feet that boric acid powder will do? Is it any more/less dangerous?
Oh No! Comments By: id rather not say on 2008-07-31
ive used that cheap crap & it didnt work at all! DONT BUY IT! its crappy & my feet still have fungus. & they stink very very bad. one word describes it well; HORRIBLE.
boric acid powder Comments By: kranitz on 2008-08-17
hi i am going down to the chemist today and buying the powder. not much can be worse than my feet at the moment so anything that seems like it may work i will try. i will update in about a week and say weather it works for me.
the worse foot odour ever Comments By: KB on 2008-09-08
the thing is my foot odour is not the one you are talking about my feet wreeck with odour they dont even smell like foot odor i sometimes become disgusted with my foot odor(it is killing me i am even suicidal) and i think the only thing that can help me is surgery(nerve cut) if that does not work i think AMPUTATION will do the only problem is i do not know if i will be able 2 walk again if i will i am afraid i will not walk properly
Revelation! Comments By: Happy and barefoot! on 2008-09-17
Having suffered from (baaaad!)food odour for as long as I can remember this tip has changed my life! I've been using a 'prescribed' foot powder for about 20 years - this only masks the problem for a number of hours, and of late, has been less and less effective. In desperation I 'Googled' the problem and came to this site. I've now used boric acid powder for 2 days and there's no odour AT ALL! Probably the best tip I've EVER seen online! Thanks all!
Boracic Acid Comments By: Jeff on 2008-09-19
I have spent 1000's of dollars on my really bad smelly feet since my early days as a teenager, nothing worked in all the recommended creams , powders and soaking my feet in what ever the doctors and feet specialists told or sold me.

My feet were that bad that they smelt right through my shoes, even though I bought shoes that were to be worn on a different day of the week, I washed my feet morning noon and night and changed my socks as often.

It was enough for me to stop going out to night clubs and such as people would say gee some one has smelly feet.
my life was miserable, I couldn't get a girlfriend due to the problem I had. and it was very depressing.

After about 15 years of putting up with this, I spoke to a old bikie who informed me that I should use boracic acid , which at the time was available from a chemist.
on using this powder (not granules) I applied a spoonful into each of my shoes and sprinkled the powder onto my feet each day for three weeks, I felt my feet sort of burning during this time, it wasn't a bad burning feeling but allowing 1 out of 10 it would have been a 1 point 5 , just enough for me to know it was working.
After about 3 weeks I stopped using Boracic acid daily and added it into my shoes once a month for about 2 years, then stopped using it.
it took another 5 years for the smelly feet to start and I immediately started using the boracic acid again to stop it, and it works a dream.
Oh by the way in the 5 years I met a girl and my life is full, I go out twice a week even to places where I can take my shoes off, with out the embassisment of smelly feet,
wow life is a dream now , woohooo

In Australia Boracic Acid was taken off the chemist shelves, it has became very scarce,
Occasionally my feet flare up with the smelly syndrome and I was forced to use the Borax but this has no where the same healing power as the Boracic Acid.
I was able to search and find a supplier that was able to send me the boracic Acid in bulk 500 grams or one kilo, this was suitable as from now I will always use Boracic Acid and never will I ever run out of it again.
I hope that this is enough information for people with the same problem I had. I might have paid too much but who cares I certainly don't,
the cost for
500 grams = $80.00
1 kilo = $130.00
If you need more info I would be glad to forward it onto the site here

Have just bought some from Ebay..will post results!! Comments By: Test Driver on 2008-09-28
I found this tip almost too good to be true so I have bitten the bullet and bought a 500g tub of Fine Boric Acid from Ebay (less than �10 inc del) It says its 99.5% pure so hopefully will do the trick.

Like most of you guys who've posted My feet smell nasty to the common problem of sweat, my shoes shoes/trainers etc stink if I walk around on the bare floor the floor will smell after a few days of my sweaty feet (I have wooden floors) so I need to wash them often. Its very embarrassing and a mess on to keep on top of it.

If this works, and it sounds like it does it really will have a big impact on my life because its like a military operation constantly trying to remove the smell before my girlfriend comes round!

I will post the results on here for all to see, being as honest as I can.

I am a 26 male based in the UK.

Rated 5/5 for the minute.

Boric acid results from my above post Comments By: Test Driver on 2008-10-14
Well I used boric acid as directed above for a week and I am pleased to say ALL BAD SMELLS FROM MY FEET HAVE NOW GONE!!

I'm amazed but it really has worked. Not so much as a tiny scent. As a real test case I spent last saturday walking around London for the day and then spent the night having some drinks in bars and when I got home...socks, shoes and feet smelt a fresh as when I put them on. Before this treatment they would have been absolutely stinking. The final test was to use the same socks & shoes I'd wore all day and drive 250 miles back to the North East on the Sunday. Arrived home and again absolutely no smells what so ever.

My feet seem drier and I have since ceased using it(as the week was long enough, feel free to do it for 2 weeks for more persistent feet) and my feet still have no odour at all. My floors in my house do not smell. 10/10 this will cure your smelly feet problem.
After years of looking in vain for ways to stop the smell of my feet this did the trick 100%. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

P.S. I also experienced no discomfort or irritation at all using it.


'Revelation' update! Comments By: Happy and barefoot. on 2008-10-15
Well, it's been nearly a month since my previous post and the 'Boric' is still working like a dream! I (like the last contributor) bought my BA off Ebay. The only slight niggle is that it comes as fine crystals as opposed to a fine powder, so it's gritty underfoot. I did find a 'workaround' tho (don't laugh!). I dug out an old coffee grinder (blender attachment jobby) and (outdoors) ground the crystals to a fine powder (only takes a few seconds) then funnelled it into a empty foot talk container - voila!
Bit of a rigmarole I know, but WELL worth it!

NOTE!! It's a BAD idea to breathe this stuff so be careful! You can buy cheap disposable masks (as used for paint spraying or DIY) from hardware stores for a few pence.

When it's a fine powder a light sprinkling (gently rubbed all over the feet) each morning does the job 100% Also, it lasts for AGES!
Hope you find this tip useful...

How do I use it this product Comments By: Anita on 2008-10-23
Hi there Happy and barefoot.

I have just ordered this product after having a very stressfull year with my feet. Would just like to know how i use this product. Will I have to use gloves puting it on. You say that you put it on in the morning just on the feet or in the shoes too.

Many thanks for your advice I can not wait until I am smelly free of my feet. They just smell everywhere I go people hold there nose when they see me coming. It is very embassing too at work all day.

very horrible Comments By: pam on 2008-10-26
i've been living with this problem for years now.last night i went on the computer and entered smelly feet and isaw denise posting about boric acid so i went out and bought it .i'll let you know if it works
Hi Anita Comments By: Still happy and barefoot.. on 2008-10-28
Greetings! You'll be pleased to hear that gloves are not necessary! It's toxicity is reckoned to be only slightly higher than table salt! If you buy the fine powder ready made I wouldn't be too worried. I was only suggesting the safety precautions for those who might want to try my 'grind your own' method (which can produce quite a bit of dust).

I only use it on my feet and not the shoes and it works great. You only have to use a very small amount gently rubbed in all over (unlike 'brand-name' foot powders) - a little really does go a long way. Another advantage of this is that it's pretty much invisible on the feet, you don't leave white footprints around the house after use and your socks don't go powdery white or cause a dust cloud of biblical proportions when your taking them off! I have yet to try the footbath option (see the 'Used it for years' post) but will certainly try it sometime.

Good luck - let us know how you get on!

I hope this works for me Comments By: belle on 2008-11-07
I have just got some Boric Acid off ebay.Im really hope it works for me.I will let you guys and girls know how it goes.Im going to try the socks overnight method too.I am so fed up of buying new shoes, every few weeks.
I still have it !! Comments By: Anita on 2008-11-11
Hi there

Well it did work for a few days but guess what it's back. Can any one help me out again. I just put some on my feet then I add it in my shoes just to have some in for the whole day at work. I really didn't know what to do. So went back to the doctor and he said that I should drink water as I have a kidney problem. Do you think this is all related!!.
Cheers all.

Recurring problem.. Comments By: Yet still happy and barefoot... on 2008-11-18
Did the problem re-appear after you stopped using the BA? I know some lucky folk here have been 'cured' after about a week, but if I stop using it the problem's back the next day. I wasn't expecting a 'miracle' but I'm sooooo pleased to have found something that actually WORKS, and the 'daily dusting' is a very minor inconvenience. Personally, I'd carry on using it every day and get the kidney problem checked out by a specialist. Wishing you success!
Boric acid Comments By: Tracey on 2008-12-23
I too have bought some from ebay, used it for the first time tonight as a foot bath, i'll see how i get on with it and report back.
Anita, you say you have kidney problems? you might want to ask your doctors advice about the boric acid, it does pass through the skin and into the blood and gets processed by the kidneys so it may be an extra strain on them (I'm not a doctor mind).


Though the method they describe in this paper is a rather more concentrated solution and a much much longer soak period, it does demonstrate that boric acid is absorbed through the skin.

Boric Acid Comments By: pat on 2009-02-04
Hi there, was just wondering if the use of boric acid powder will act as a cure for constantly sweaty and smelly feet? Any advice will be helpful.
Boric Acid Powder Comments By: Cindy on 2009-02-06
I have bought some boric acid powder from ebay but it says it is 'orthoboric'acid powder. Is this the same thing as it doesn't seem to be working. If anyone has bought it from ebay and it works can you let me know which buyer you bought it from


It works for a little while, but I need to use it every 4-5 months Comments By: Belle on 2009-02-13
Hi Guys and Gals reporting back as promised.I have found that the powder works for about 4-5 months.Then you have to use it again.I find the best way, is to powder feet overnight for 7 nights ,then sleep in socks.It does work, and its the best tip ever.
can anyone send me this for free Comments By: ben on 2009-02-28
hi there

im a college student having this
problem with smelly feet and
it is so horrible
,as i read this tip few months ago
Ive search this boric acid to many drugstore andany possible store in our place but i did not found this stuff.
then i go to ebay but i have no bank accounts to pay for it.
can anyone has a good heart can send me this for free
heres my email, [email protected]

boric acid Comments By: anon on 2009-02-28
i hope it will works to me
It's a miracle! Comments By: Feet like roses on 2009-03-02
I had tried powders, bleach, sprays, you name it, but still the reeking feet. Just finished using boric acid for a week. My feet have absolutely no odor even after being in my shoes for 16 hours. I bought my boric acid at Home Depot near the pesticides. A big container was less than $5.00 US.
Not just for feet!!! Comments By: A. Walker on 2009-03-03
Further to my earlier input re Boracic Acid Powder and Borax, I would suggest that you not only treat the feet but also treat your shoes with the powder as the fungus which causes the smell and irritation in the feet can also live in the shoe material and will transfer back to the feet if the shoes are not treated.
I see that a few folk seem to read the last few letters of this column and then ask " is this powder any good?" I would suggest that they read ALL the comments and then decide for themselves.
If you can eventually kill the fungus in your feet and your shoes then you shouldn't have to use the powder any more.

boric acid works like magic Comments By: ann kiburu on 2009-03-16
it rely worked for me.your my hero!my feet was smelling like sewage when i tried boric acid that nite at least i slept well without stomach ache from the smell.now am healed.try mixing boric acid one spoon and 250 ml of hot water if u allergic with its smell.be blessed.
To cure smelly feet safely, with a pharmacy bought product Comments By: helen smith on 2009-03-18
If you have foot problems... I really recommend 'SAFETY FIVE' a Danish foot product. I honestly couldn't believe the successful result of this antiperspirant. :) It's just a spray that you buy in 30ml bottles - you apply it about every 5 days... and there you go...

I used to have stinky feet!

...no more ;)

See www.safetyfive.dk for more.

liquid Comments By: ben on 2009-03-25
i found a liquid boric acid.
was it ok to use?

Instructions on boric acid Comments By: Mary on 2009-04-03
Can anyone tell me if the only proper way for it is to be used as a powder, or can I make a boric acid aqueous solution and soak my feet in it?

and yeah, thanks for all the comments. :)

Please, Read all the comments. Comments By: A. Walker on 2009-04-09
Mary, if you read my earlier input on this subject you will see that I mention putting the Borax in hot water and soaking the feet in it until the water is cool and then let the feet dry naturally.
This ensures that the borax gets to the fungus spores which live in just under the surface of the skin.
Boracic Acid CRYSTALS can also be dissolved in hot water which will save grinding the crystals into a powder as suggested earlier.

An alternative to Boric Acid Comments By: caseydee on 2009-04-15
Back in 1987, when I was 35, I developed a bad case of tinea. I had always had the worst smelly feet possible. I researched tinea and found out that the best way to get rid of it was to go on a yeast-free diet for 6 weeks. For women it had to be for 12 weeks. The diet was easy to follow, it cured my tinea and also got rid of my smelly feet and I have never suffered the problem of smelly feet again. You need to be really strict about not eating yeast for the whole time. Check common products you buy for yeast; many of them have yeast in them and you wouldn't know unless you read the label. Hope this helps any sufferers of smelly feet!
boric acid Comments By: Jill on 2009-04-17
oh for goodness sake, use the boric acid powder already. It's as harmless as table salt and it works. I found you can find it for as cheap as one measely dollar per can of the stuff at Dollar Tree stores. I'd be much more afraid of what some other quack was telling me to put on my feet than this stuff. It's been around forever, and it's proven to work.
=BA= Comments By: mizzy on 2009-04-19
i got also this kind of eeewwww,, (i dont like this) i'd been crying everytime i smell my own stinky feet. i got this at the age of 13 yrs old i was high school student that time and now i'm already 23 but still i have it,,a very big problem i have,,it affect more in my life...it gives me reason not to join workshops or any activities i wanted to join. And now as i check my email i accidentally browse this site. I read some comments here and it inspire me to use also this product but my problem is i don't know where i can buy this because i am here in the philippines. i'm suffering this for almost 10 years so pls help me,, send me some information if it is now in the philippines. thank you pls send it to my email.
Chemical? Comments By: Martin on 2009-05-21
Is boric acid chemically? I would prefer to wear special cedarsoles to keep my feet dry. Because moisture is the real problem. Sorry... I'm very sceptical.
boric acid Comments By: chris on 2009-05-23
hi can plz someone help me coz i cant find it anywhere...coz the one in ebay says its Orthoboric acid...is it the same.....im in uk n hope someone can tell me a place where i can buy it

ireland Comments By: anon on 2009-05-25
you say you can get it in a chemist. did the chemist ever ask any questions about what you want it for. i would be really embaressed if they did.
soaking feet in water and borax Comments By: anon on 2009-05-26
went to chemist today they told me that boric acid has not been sold in ireland for at least ten years they asked what i wanted it for, told a little white lie and said my granny needed it to get rid of ants.. went to another chemist and asked for boric acid and they sold me borax powder so took the chance did not want to be asked again what i wanted it for. checked out want you all had to say. I am now soaking my feet in hot water and borax, hope it works. Should i still rub borax powder in to feet everyday . Does any one know any where in ireland that sells boric acid.
boric acid Comments By: Athens, Greece on 2009-05-28
I went to the pharmacy yesterday asking whether there is any better way to deal with athlete's foot and smelly feet than the lamisil-gel.
My pharmacist poured about two cups of boric acid (powder) into a plastic bag, told me to dissolve 1 full tablespoon in 1 liter of hot water, then allow it to cool down a bit and soak my feet for about half an hour, allow to air dry and then put on lamisil.
After reading all these comments I'm convinced it'll do the trick. Thank you all cause I did feel a bit unsure at first.
Best of all? I paid 50 cent, half a Euro!

Is boric acid works on my feet too!! Comments By: Raja on 2009-06-15
I used wear shoes during my college studies almost two years back and was staying in hostel Once i was wearing socks my friend broke his body spray bottle and all those spray spelt on my feet.I wear shoes and went to college from that day onwards I used to get Harh smell from my feet.I would certainly try this...Can anyone tell me whether it would works???
Just tried it Comments By: hopeitgoes on 2009-06-29
Hi all,
I've just given it a try by letting my feet soak in 2 table spoons in warm water method.
Here's hoping it works.
Should I put it in my shoes... if so.. how?... soak them in water as well?.. or put the powder in neat?
Thanks loads ;-)

Derry, Ireland.

PS: got my powder on eBay.. pretty cheap.

Boric Acid availability Comments By: MJ on 2009-07-08
Wal-Mart pharmacy in Kansas has boric acid in large bottles for $10.00 a bottle. You have to ASK FOR IT at the counter, it is not out for you to get yourself.
In California Comments By: Gabs on 2009-07-28
I found boric acidvat my local Walmart, it was in the bug section. I got a big bottle for less than 4 dollars!
It Really works Comments By: Bob on 2009-08-15
Brought some Boric Acid powder on the web - dilute in warm water soak and leave to dry - three soaks later - problem gone - really works
Boric Acid Family Remedy Comments By: L. Penner on 2009-09-02
For years my Father has sworn by a foot powder my Mother used to make for him. I don't have the recipe, as my Mom has passed away, but it was Boric Acid Powder and Baking Soda. As my boyfriend has developed an awfully pungent case of foot odour I am going to experiment with a 50/50 combination and go from there. I had to special order the BA from my local pharmacy and Baking Soda is available anywhere. We all know many of the uses for Baking Soda so I suggest, if anybody has any hesitation, start with that first and slowly add the BA.
I've got the same problem Comments By: Franko on 2009-09-17
hi ive got the same problem i work in retail and on my feet all day ive ordered some boric acid off of ebay �12.99 for 2 kg ill let you know how it goes
Give it a Go Comments By: Jake on 2009-09-29
Just purchased b.a. from ebay, should have it in a few days will update with results. I would say I have an 'extreme' case so I feel I'll be a good test goat... If it works for me, anyone with smelly feet should try - will update in a week or so
amazing Comments By: Franko on 2009-10-15
really does work i brought some off ebay,
only soaked them 3 times, fogot to do them last night but still no smell, thanks to you all

smelly feet Comments By: prashanth g on 2009-10-15
in desperation im trying boric acid wil use for a couple of weeks and update my results
smelly feet Comments By: prashanth on 2009-10-24
its working !wil update later still using
Gave it a go Comments By: Jake on 2009-10-24
Worked fantastic... used powder directly on feet for 10 days... no smell since and it's been almost a month
Must be desolved Comments By: john on 2009-10-29
Boric acid must be desolved in boiling water.
wait until the water cools down then soak your feet until it gets cold, do this for a week and you will never have smelly ever again...

feeling really positive Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-23
just got some boracic powder here in s.a. cost R13.00 ABOUT $1.50 U.S/%1 EURO for 300g...disting feet and shoes..wil ldo it as long as it takes...but im sure its gonna work,.thnx for the help guys
Boracic Acid- By Jeff in Australia Comments By: "ANON" on 2009-11-24
HI, My name is Ruby and I am after a cure for Bad smelly foot odour. I was reading all the testimonials and came across this one from Jeff in Australia.He said that, he is selling it for 500g-$80.00 and 1Kg for $130.00. Is there anyway that i could get in touch with this guy and know about this acid and how to buy them please.
Meh Comments By: tester on 2009-12-05
Been rubbing feet with it for a few days, very little change. Definitely more of less exactly the same amount of sweating going on.

Then again I can't really smell it myself so I can't entirely tell if there's been a resduction in smell.

Nonetheless, given the positive comments it's worth trying anyway.

does boric acid work for people who have hydrosis in the feet? Comments By: swish on 2009-12-06
I also suffer from severe sweat, stinky feet. I have what they called hydrosis so if anyone has the same problem as me and this worked for them then please comment.
Interesting Tip Comments By: Jammer on 2010-01-20
I've never heard this tip before so I decided to give it a go. I'm in South West UK. I couldn't find it in any chemists. In fact it was only Lloyds Pharmacy that could order it in for me. So I dcided to go for the Ebay option.

I have bought:

1Kg Boric Acid Powder
�9.50 delivered
Blackburn Distributions Ltd

Their Ebay shop is here:


Their main website is here:


On the page for my item on Ebay they even state its use for this very treatment - Smelly Feet ...

Will report back how I get on.

Re Boric Acid Comments By: Anon on 2010-01-31
Smelly feet and shoes are typically caused by bacteria due to excessive seat where microbes where in a warm and, dark and secluded enviornment will grow and cause an odor. My question is the people who are posting that this is a great remedy - do their feet sweat that caues the odor? Or are the majority of your peoples feet dry but just smell? My feet smell because of sweat build up in the shoe. Is boric acid somwewhaht of an antifungal remedy? I look foward to anyone to answer?

Best Regards,


use but be careful Comments By: ali turk on 2010-02-08
its the best way 4 foot smells. but use glove . and wash ur hands .use it safely if a person eats 80 grs of it nothing happens (tested)
I said bor minerals Comments By: ali turk on 2010-02-08
taking boric acid in oral way or inhaling is poisonous

Looking 4 Boric Comments By: Anon on 2010-02-26
Hey There, i read all the commnents above and wants to try Boric. but the problem is i can't find it anywhere in my country. Any sensible and responsible person can help me with sending me the medicine.my email adress is [email protected]
many thanks.

Boric Acid treatment does stop foot odor for months Comments By: Marie on 2010-03-15
I used the granular Boric Acid. I washed feet thoroughly and towel dried them, leaving them slightly damp. Then I sprinkled on the Boric acid and put on white socks and went to bed. Do this only as many nights as needed. It will stop all odor, luckily, like me, for several months or more.
Looing for boric acid? Well i found some Comments By: Christina on 2010-04-14
you can get it at home depot. the hot shot which kills roaches contains boric acid
Just Got it from Walgreens Comments By: Sweaty feet on 2010-04-25
I just reafd all the suggestion and I bought it today.I hope it helps.I will update you with the results.
Does this work only for a fungal infection Comments By: brian on 2010-05-06
Does this work only for a fungal infection because i have terrible foot odor without a fungal infection or much sweat.
Just bought some! Comments By: Constant shoe buyer on 2010-06-19
I am in a desperate state with my feet. Currently buying up to 4 pairs of shoes a week as i ruin them in hours! Fingers crossed this works cos im looking at surgery. I am a very clean person and have no idea how i have this problem. I wouldn't wish it on anyone! I will update to let anyone who looks at this site with my honest experience. I'm going gun ho! Bought on ebay for less than �10 for 1kilogramme.
Its true!!!! Comments By: GLORY FOOT on 2010-06-22
It works! seriously. I poured about 400grammes in a bucket of very hot water and soaked them for ages! Then for the last few days i have been pouring some in my socks, sleeping with them on and wearing them the next day. I have no smell now! Bit more sweat but no stench!! I am going to continue this for aweek or so more but i am confident as noticed a HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!!!Good luck everone!!! vERY HAPPY DAYS!!
Any one have any side effects Comments By: Anon on 2010-06-30
I am a mom with 3 teen age boys. I was so happy to read yalls commments. However, I was wondering after having used the Boric Acid now for a while has anyone of you suffered any harmful or ill side effects that you could mention? I would love to rid our home of the foot odor and my son of the embarrassment but don't want to cause him any health issues over it. Please share any side effects that you may have had so I can make a wise, educated decision concerning my sons health. Thank you so much.

I sell Boric Acid powder in Sydney NSW Australia Comments By: Patricia muir on 2010-07-20
I can sell you as much as you require $6.00 per 250g or $10.00 per 500g just ring (02)88071261 or mobile 0415600302 or email me [email protected]
My feet smells only in my boots. Comments By: Anon on 2010-08-07
hi,i am very surprised that My feet only smeels when i wear boots not when i took it off. any body can help me what it is LOL
it works :) !!! Comments By: Nazrul on 2010-08-08
boric powder is not harmful on the skin cos people use it for playing a game called caram board, so ignore the label saying that it's harmful to the skin. This stuff actually works on preventing the smell of foot odour, also try baking/bicarbonate soda and sprinkle some of these stuff on your trainers/sandals to absorb the smell, leave it for a night in open air conditions.
Toxic effects Comments By: Tw on 2010-08-11
According to msds.chem.ox.ac.uk/, some sources suggest boric acid can cause infertility or harm to the unborn.
Works!! Comments By: 1 smelly foot on 2010-08-19
I have had smelly feet for longer than I can remember. (at least 15 yrs) after trying countless types of foot powders and home remedies I came across this website and decided to use boric acid despite the toxicity comments and warning on the labels. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me! I am no longer self conscious about my smelly feet and haven't had any adverse effects, although I have only used it for about 2 weeks. The very first time I used it, I noticed a difference. I sprinkle some in my shoes every morning before I put them on and rub some on the bottom of my foot and in between my toes after a shower before input my socks on. Definitely do it in a well ventilated place and clean the area where some might have been spilled. I wash my hands thoroughly after handling it as to not get any in my eyes or mouth. I find that tile or flat floor is best so you don't get it on your carpet. Cheers and good luck!
borax with water for stinky feet Comments By: Teri Gossen on 2010-09-08
Dilute Borax with water and soak the feet, it is a wonderful skin/rash remedy
VERY SMELLY FEET Comments By: BATMAN on 2010-09-14
just got some BA am soaking my feet as i type av also put a teaspoon full in each boot & am going to put in my socks that i am going to sleep in tonight also in my socks in the morning.... i am so exited i will update to let u all know how it went ;-)
do i have to wash away the boric acid after rubing it on my feet Comments By: aloe on 2010-09-23
after rubbing boric acid on skin ,then leave it on skin or wash away ,does boric acid become harmful when contact to water ?
not working Comments By: anon on 2010-09-30
im using boric acid for 4 days and still my feet stinks at work is it due to the temperature(airconditioned)?... what im doing, i sprinkle BA to my shoes and my socks. do i need to wait for 7 days :( help!!!
Is Boric Acid Roach Killer the same as Boric Acid? Comments By: ka2360 on 2010-11-04
The only Boric Acid I found is Boric Acid Roach Killer III. Is this the same as regular Boric Acid? and Can this be used for the feet as well?
boric acid powder Comments By: poppy on 2010-12-16
It works, it works, and again I say: it works!
My daughter recently developed extremely STINKYYYYY feet Comments By: momma2/5 on 2010-12-18
I will purchase the boric acid (the only boric acid I am aware of is the roach killer) and have it boil in water. when cooled soak my daughter's feet in it -- I really hope this works because I am starting to get worried. The stink is so bad it scares me. Can anyone tell me how much boric acid I must mix in the water? PLEASE HELP
Works for me. Comments By: Joe on 2011-01-10
Once a week I put boric acid on my feet and a bit in the armpits.

I used to have incredibly stinky feet. Not any more.
I've always showered twice a day and never really had BO but the feet were obnoxious. I no longer need deodorant for the pits and my feet don't stink. Been doing this for almost 10 years. A 5 pound bucket lasts for years. It also keeps the house bug free. Mix it with honey for ants and just sprinkle it around where the roaches like to play and within days all pests just seem to disappear. Plus, those strange intermittent mystery odors that you can never seem to locate also go away. I have to say boric acid must be one of the best all purpose products available.

Of course the average guy knew all this a hundred years ago but we forgot when someone convinced us to buy expensive perfumed stuff that doesn't work.

boric acid Comments By: lenlen on 2011-01-16
if we buy in farmacy boric acid powder do we need prescription from doctor?
Miracle has happened by Boric Acid Powder Comments By: Shree on 2011-02-22
I am a 34 year old, male, living in the UK. I have been suffering from serious foot odor since 5 years. I have done almost everything for my treatment. I have purchased almost everything from the Internet such as powders, creams, sprays, Sodium Bicarbonate, silver Nano Socks, Rubbing Alchoal and Soking feet into Vinegar, Salt, tea bags and so on. I spent about 1000's of Pounds but I never get any success to eliminate my foot odor. I get foot odor as little as 1 minute walk whether in shoes or in sandals. I have even purchased an Iontopherosis machine to reduce my sweating from the feet. Nothing worked at all. I use to cry in a dark room. I avoid contact with people and crowds. After going through the testimonials, a smile came to my face. I feel like I can get rid off this foot odor with Boric Acid Powder. I bought boric acid powder as instructed by you guys. It started working for me the same day. It has been now 5 days and my horrible foot odour has been reduced by 95%. I will keep this treatment until all the odour is completely stopped. Thank you so much for this precious information for free. If you have the same problem like mine, beleive me guys it works well. Start the treatment with Boric Acid Powder and start a new life with confidence you have lost with this horrible problem. Infact I have found my god here who has now given me what I needed.
HEEEEELP!!! Comments By: Chris on 2011-03-13
Where can I obtain this boric acid powder in South Africa? My feet stink constantly, with or without shoes, I have to wash my feet almost every five hours, i'm tired of constantly washing my feet, please help me!
Boric Acid Available at... Comments By: Shikhar Baral on 2011-03-25

Boric Acid is available at the chemist, Pharmacy and Super Market. You must find one of the places mentioned above. The location varies from country to country.

BORIC ACID CURE Comments By: Janet on 2011-03-28
As mentioned in 2007 and again 2011 this is the ONLY product that has ever worked for me. I was also told that Vicks Vaporub will also do the trick
Zerodour Comments By: Liam on 2011-03-29
Also there is new product eco friendly and biodegradable.It is called zerodour.Here is link:

Borax Comments By: Sally on 2011-04-07
I have personally been using Borax to kill Demodex skin mites, and it's working very, very well. I used to have cystic acne and the Borax has cleared it up beautifully. I even bathe in the stuff. It's great!

My husband, however, has this stinky foot problem you all have. It's nasty. It leaves yellow scum on his socks and it stinks so bad that I make him bathe before bed each night. I decided to have him try the borax foot baths. I told him to put a half cup of borax in warm water each night for a week.

Today, on day two, he told me that last night when he was soaking his feet, the fumes (smell) from the borax was so strong he couldn't handle it. I was shocked, because Borax doesn't smell, and I bathe in the stuff and have never noticed the smell.

Could it be that the borax is killing the fungus at such a rate that gases are forming? It's very weird. I'm going to go in the bathroom tonight when he does his foot soaking to see if I can notice it. It's entirely possible, because his feet are absolutely horrendous. I've never seen/smelled anything like the nasty junk that is on this man's feet. It's not even human.

"REALLY DOES WORK" Comments By: T. Cole on 2011-05-03
my grandmother used this for my whole younger life till i was about 25 years old and it realy does work and i dont recall any side affects or rashes of any sort we put 1/2 a teaspoon in each sock in the morning and 1 teaspoon per shoe every morning and w/days no smell no embarassment
26 year old male who is desperate Comments By: aaron on 2011-06-01
I've tried damn near everything to fix my foot odor. I stumbled upon this website and now I'm going to try it. Just did a foot soak than dusted feet and put some in socks. I will continue this process for as long as it takes. I pray to god this works because if it doesn't I don't know how I will ever survive. You can't know had terrible this problem is. I would rather cut my feet off than have stinks feet. I can't work inside, get a gf, go to public places, or do jack. I will post results in a week.
Iontophoresis Comments By: patrick on 2011-07-08
boric acid dont work on me.

do Iontophoresis,
watch this- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc0pj2tf6_4

it works perfectly, i have horrible stinky feet before. Iontophoresis works
very well, no stink at all , and my feet feels dry. try this and it will change your life.

Sweet smell of success. Comments By: Bernie D. on 2011-09-01
My son's feet smelt absolutely disgusting. He would have to change his socks and shoes two or three times daily as they would be soaked with sweat. He had tried numerous lotions and potions but nothing worked for him. I came upon this site and within a week of trying Boric acid powder he no longer had a problem. Two years on and as long as he sprinkles it in his shoes weekly he has no problems. We will be eternally grateful to this site for making us aware of this miracle cure. Thank You.

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