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If you could do with a little extra magnification your glasses can double up as a magnifying glass. Simply hold one of the lenses over the word or item which you want magnifying and move the lens in and out will magnify it.

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use several pairs of reading glasses Comments By: Diane B. on 2005-03-07
Use more than one pair of (inexpensive "reading") glasses at a time, when you need to see something small for a short time. One pair will fit on your nose loosely in front of the other pair. You may look strange, but you can see!

For longer viewing, buy a stronger pair of reading glasses... I have one pair of 3.25 reading glasses just for taking out splinters, threading difficult needles, etc.

Another tip is good for emergencies. Close your fist *almost* all the way. Then look through the tiny hole created by the tunnel in your palm (from the thumb end). The tiny hole will act as a lens and magnify a few words well enough to read them (some adjusting of the hole or distance between fist and words may be necessary).


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