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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


Visitors comments

I hear bleach works very well, especially any bleach with Chlorine (Chlorox). It would be wise to mix it in a solution of 1 part bleach and 6 parts water so that way you don't damage the skin. I've tried rubbing alcohol 91%, hydrogen peroxide 3%, vitamin e oil 10,000 i.u. with aloe vera and I tried soap and washing everyday. The worst part is it kept spreading and I have 2 bad spots on my face but I might be able to get them to heal with bleach then the vitamin E oil and vaseline.
I LEARNED THE HARD WAY Comments By: James Liebsack on 2009-02-26
The first episode of ringworm was on my chest about a year and a half ago. I treated the infection with lotrimun ultra for about six weeks and it visibly went away. At that point, I thought it was over. A few weeks later, it came back on the back of the neck and center of my chest. Not understanding how to deal with this I went to see the doctor. He prescribed a cream he claimed was stronger than OTC antifungal creams and some pills to relieve itching. I left the doctors clinic confident I would cure the skin infection. A month or so later the large tube of prescribed lotion was empty and my ringworm was controlled, however not eradicated. I decided to try self help treatment and went to the local health food store with a supply of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil was soothing and relieving and controlled the spread of the ringworm and improved my condition, but again was not by itself effective in eradicating the skin disease. I then spent several hours researching the causes and cure of this skin infection, because I was determined to defeat the aggravating and unpleasant experience for good. I am 49 years old and for the most part never had any serious illness in my entire life. Right now, as I type this account I am cured of ringworm and my skin is clear with only a few small scars that I am working on to lighten the appearance. So here is how you get rid of the problem. First, understand it comes from the inside of your body (parasites/fungus) and it survives and spreads from your diet through the bloodstream. Thus, a topical treatment of any kind will not get to the root of the problem. First, cut out all junk food from your diet. My rule is if God did not make it then it is junk food. Examples, soda pop, candy, pastries etc.. Second, eat foods that not only have some anti-fungal capability, but also that clean out your system. A few examples are garlic, onions, cabbage, brocolli, any green leafy vegetable, brown rice, yogurt, granny smith apples, lemons, any non-sweetened berry juice, beans, peas, carrots, coconuts, olive oil, coconut oil, sauerkraut and if you must have bread go for sourdough bread. So the first step to cure yourself is clean up your diet, which will clean up your body and starve the fungus so it dies. In addition, take supplements after your dinner meal such as zinc, garlic capsules, vitamin e, vitamin a, and vitamin c. Also, take one or the other grapefruit see extract or olive leaf extract. Grapefruit seed extract is the stronger of the two I believe and is best taken in liquid form drops (five to ten drops) mixed in juice or water. Other helpful options are to eat one clove of raw garlic before you go to sleep. By the way, this practice will also protect you from cancer and heart disease also. Introduce yourself to probiotics, because they restore the normal balance of good bacteria in your stomach and intestinal tract. They are to be taken in the morning with warm water before eating. If you can afford it take two every morning during ringworm condition and then scale down to one every day for the rest of your life. In the morning mix a half tea spoon of celtic sea-salt to warm water one hour before eating this also will kill internal fungus and other parasites inside your intestinal tract. Next, combine grapefruit seed extract and warm water to the infected area on your body and do not rinse, but wait until it drys. Do not use straight grapefruit seed extract, because it will itch like hell. I used a few drops mixed in my hand with warm water. After it has dried and seaped into the skin rub in about six to eight drops of tea tree oil. This should be done at least twice a day, preferably after morning shower and evening bath. Lavender oil, clove oil, oregano oil can also but used alternately with tea tree oil. Ten drops of lavender and or tea tree oil can be added with a handful of sea salt to your bath, or you can use a cup of clorox bleach, too. One or the other is better for the skin infection than plain water. Do not use scented, or antibacterial soaps on the infection, because this will not cure it and can cause irritation. Last, before you sleep cover the infection spots with band aids (tough strips, they don't come off). I believe in alternating what you put on the band aids, so as to shock the fungus. Here is what I used neem seed oil, honey, lamisil, ultr-lotrimin, vitamin e liquid pills, lavender oil, tea tree oil etc.. THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES TO HEAL CHRONIC RINGWORM, AND REMEMBER IF THE FUNGUS OUT NUMBERS GOOD BACTERIA IN YOUR BODY IT CAN RETURN SO NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT.
Hey it worked really good with faint scar, I think the bleach is working out pretty good, all I need to do now is just finish up the last of it, I might try bathing using small amount of bleach.

I used a 1:5 solution (bleach:water), I advise you dont rub because it can end up bleeding really badly. The bleach is much more abrasive then rubbing alcohol or anything like that, and rubbing alcohol is what caused this in the first place.

Be careful with the bleach, the fumes are bad for your brain.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU MIX WITH BLEACH! Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-06
Vinigar and bleach can, when mixed together, cause fumes capable of killing you when it is enhaled.
I have just finshed trying the bleach on my scalp...sure hope I will get the relief so many of you have told us about. Thank you all for your information

Wizard Knows Comments By: WIZARD on 2009-03-06
I will break this down so anyone can understand. Go to the health store and buy NUTRIBIOTIC GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid concentrate. Read the instructions or ask the store clerk how it is to be used. Take it orally and apply it topically. Avoid it junk food especially sweets. Oh, and while your at the health store don't be so cheap as to not buy some tea tree oil and celtic sea salt they are also helpful in solving your problem.
It worked perfectly! Comments By: FrosD on 2009-03-08
Reporting back, it worked extremely well, they both left pretty faint scars, now I just to get rid of the last of the ringworms using bleach.

Bleach works perfect as long as you dilute it and your careful. It isn't as harmful for your skin as most people think as long as it only contains Sodium Hypochlorite which is safe to use on human skin
and not Sodium Hydrochloride which will eat holes in your skin, probably leaving a terrible chemical burn, a lot of bleeding and it will absorb into your blood stream, when its all over it'll most likely leave a terrible scar, so make sure its Clorox or something.

I used Family Dollar Bleach, and it worked fine enough, it was only a $1.50 for 96 .oz. Make sure you apply your solution night and day and you shake the bottle of bleach to make sure the mixture with Sodium Hypochlorite is even, then put it in a plastic container like a water bottle, and dilute with water by the cap-full with 1 part bleach to 5-7 parts water. I put 6 caps of bleach and 30 caps of water and it gave me more than enough for the treatment period :)

What also helps is to put scotch tape or clear nail polish over it. Overnight you could put clear scotch tape, masking tape, or anything that seals it from the air, I advise you put Vitamin E oil or Cocoa Butter on that ringworm spot with a Q-Tip to help it heal up the ringworm faster.

I'm glad this works quickly, effectively and so cheaply, I don't know how I could live without Sodium and Chlorine (because then salt wouldn't exist).

Clorox bleach is anti-fungal, however, it can be dangerous if applied on open or bleeding skin. Also, it can create allergic reaction to some people as well as chemical burns if not used properly. It has no value for fighting skin infection as far as internal usage, therefore it is not really the best way to treat skin infection especially if it is chronic and persistent. One with a chronic skin infection such as nail fungus, ringworm, athletes foot, jock itch and candida have two optional courses of action. First, you can see a doctor and obtain a powerful anti-fungal steroid cream and a slug of antibiotics. Antibiotics are non-discriminating when it comes to killing bacteria and internal fungi/parasites. Unfortunately, the good bacteria necessary for good health are also destroyed. This can lead to an overgrowth of candida, bad bacteria, and other parasites which can encourage a wide variety of health problems and disease. Thus, I recommend the safe and more natural approach to cure any serious skin infection. 1. HEALTY DIET. 2. SUPPLEMENTS. 3. INTERNAL ANTI-FUNGALS, GARLIC (raw), GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT & OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT ARE MOST EFFECTIVE. 4. TOPICAL ANTI-FUNGAL TEA TREE OIL, OREGANO OIL, NEEM SEED OIL ARE EFFECTIVE. 5. SEA SALT IS AN EFFECTIVE AGENTS AS WELL. Good luck people, I am only doing this for YOUR benefit, because I am cured of my skin infection also have lost ten pounds of fat and FEEL GREAT...
Going Nutso! Comments By: Gypsee on 2009-03-09
I have (what I believe to be) ringworms all over my scalp. My history with it is more than bizzare. Back in Oct. I began to have open sores on my head. There was also acid-like liquid that oozed out of my scalp and onto my face. It burned like acid. It was running on to my face and eyes so quickly, my eyes swelled to slits. I also had granules that could not be washed away. It seemed they were an inch thick. I spent hours in my shower for 2 days. I would stay until the hot water was gone ( I was using the water at lukewarm) I searched the net to find out all I could but, Morgellons was the only thing that seemed close to fitting the symptoms.
Because of the open sores (I think) I developed MRSA! That ended with a 3 week stay for me in the hospital.
I continued asking the doctors what was wrong with my scalp, but, I recieved no answers. They just almost ignored it because they were so focused on the MRSA (Thank God the MRSA responded to the antibiotic they tried), yet, they still sent me home with only an antibiotic ointment for my scalp. The sores went away and yet, my scalp was a mess. I felt areas that simply felt like a bruise very deep, that area would stop being sore after a couple of weeks and then, another place would become sore to the touch. It was so bizarre! Here I had this huge amout of granules. It is salt, and, there is so much of it, I can't allow my hair to become dry as some of the salt gets powder-like ( in the air, on my face, etc.) This is so horrid! I was freaking! Finally the next that happened was the circles that felt like tiny balloons all around the outer edges, and, when I pulled at them, they would burst and the burning, acid-like, liquid would come out. I learned to keep a tissue at the site in order to catch the stuff that oozes out. It is the same feeling as blood, sort of thick, sticky, yet, it is clear, and, it hardens very soon. When I look at it through a magnifier of X-100, I see many black dots in a clump of what appears to be a big cluster of salt melded together. A friend mentioned ringworms. I doubted it, but now, I feel it is. I have waited since Nov. 3, 2008 until now to see the dermatoligist.

Every day, I have spent hours trying to get these off of me. I have finally gotten down to my scalp and much of the granules are finally gone, yet many remain. I started shampooing in the shower over and over, about 10 times. I now only need to shampoo about 4 times and,several weeks ago, I began using the dish washing liquid "DAWN with BLEACH" I figured, it would not be any stronger that what would be in a swimming pool. This began to help rid me of the salt granules and it really gave me a lot of relief.
This is one reason I was so very happy to find this thread. I wasn't sure how to use bleach so I dabbed straight bleach on the worst areas. There were 2 places that were raised a lot so I started there. I have been using it for a few days now and I am getting better. I'm also using an anti-fungal med.
I have never read about anyone going through such bizzare symptoms and I would love to hear from anyone that has. I wonder now if I had the (crop of ringworms for a very, very, long time), and, I wonder if the morgellon syndrome was there also. I am really confused. The burning liquid made my face turn bright red ( It really came down from my scalp so fast, I was covered with it before I even realized it. I honestly had such a horrible burn,but, once it healed my skin was quite soft, smooth and pretty. I had many compliments. Believe me, I am not vain and would not wish that on my worst enemy and I certainly would never go through it again if I had the choice. Hmmm a free chem burn treatment) LOL
I am going to add a little more bleach to the "Dawn" tonight and see what happens. I know it will burn, as my scalp is really quite painful all the time, even when I am not doing anything. I am hoping this might help me get to all of the areas. I am really hoping this doctor will have some answers to help me tomorrow. This has been a long, scary, painful wait, to see him. I hope this may help someone else and I hope to hear from anyone that has gone through the same symptoms I have. You can write to me at [email protected]
Warm Regards,

omg look where its at Comments By: bad place to have it on 2009-03-14
i got ring worm in a very strange place. my husband has jock itch. so one night when i was bathing i saw a little round circle on the center part of my leg and the next day it was bigger. i looked at it several times and even told him it was ring worm. well long story short it spread from the center part of my leg to my virgina lipps and down my leg.close to the side of my virgina im clueless on what to do so im trying nail polish and nail polish remover and bleach ill try anything. to get rid or ringworm in that spot. help please. also can jock itch casue the ring worm ?

TipKing say: You really should seek medical advice

I've been using Bleach for 4 weeks with maximum success, increasing strength; no allergic reactions. Comments By: FrosD on 2009-03-16
I've been using bleach for 4 weeks, I'm down to a 1:2.5 solution, a little more burning but I find the stronger bleach solution works as quick as 2 days. They're all dying, quickly and with little scarring, one day they're ringworm, the next day they're gone. I might go straight bleach, there are no allergic reactions, it doesn't even seem to be drying out the skin much (in fact it feels more hydrated and soapy but that's just the sodium hypochlorite defatting and saporificating the skin).

I might try a bath with about 20 ml of bleach or so for 20 minutes to rid of the spores on my body. If you don't get allergic reactions keep moving up the strength and make sure to use a Q-Tip. Take off your clothes or something because I've ruined 2 shirts using this, otherwise everything is dandy.

Acne is what makes ringworm much harder to get rid of because the spots where you had acne commonly get infected with ringworm, and then you have a problem for a few weeks, but with bleach you can remove the ringworm in 2 days and you should get some kind of acne treatment (I've been using clearasil face wash day and night for 3 weeks straight and I'm almost acne free finally).

Don't give up! Even if your allergic to bleach there are several other treatments, and if the bleach doesn't seem to be working well enough but your not allergic, try stepping up the strength, use a Q-Tip for precision so you don't get it anywhere else you wouldn't want it like your clothing.

If you have ringworm in your scalp, try putting a teaspoon of bleach in your shampoo. If you have ringworm on your crotch or legs you definitely need to use a Q-Tip and 1:1 or 1:2.5 bleach solution to get rid of it fast. I had it there for a short time but it just 'didn't like it' so it started moving back on my face and my upper body. I think I might have a few on my upper back but those will be gone with a bit of bleach and soaking up in the bath tub.

Sodium, Chlorine and Water, what would mankind be without? Bleach is a lifesaver in these kinds of situations, it's also cool to mix it with hydrogen peroxide to make oxygen gas.

not so sure Comments By: s on 2009-03-17
i just tried this yesterday on my sons tinea on the face and it turned bright red looks like it is going to scar but also it gave him a chemical burn on his face a little one and the clorox was dialuted!!! but in all it seems like the tinea is going away!!!
its improving Comments By: rick on 2009-03-19
i have this ringworm on my arms and legs, i just tried the straight bleach treatment, and it seems like its improving, and its only been like 15 mins!! this might be bullcrap though, so i will let you know in about 2-3 days how its coming.....
bleach does work Comments By: J.R. on 2009-03-22
My husband got ringworm a few weeks and we have tried everything to get rid of it, then i decided to go online and look for treatments and came across using bleach. So far so good, maybe it will work enough for him to come off Quarantine....
The Young Restless and Ringwormed Comments By: Luther Smith on 2009-03-23
I've usally never had a problem with RW for years bad hair cut you know. Until my wife took in a stray cat in March. I did'nt think the itchy bumps were ringworms.They spreaded rapid legs arms butt Now i'm reduced to wearing long shirts and pants to hide them. I thought what am I doing I've used bleach before (bad hair cut)and it was destroyed. I just started it I'll let ya know the results but it has worked before for me a old southern remedy from my mother
The Bleach Works Comments By: Anon on 2009-03-26
Well after dealing with a patch of ringworm on my arm for months using over the counter treatments from pharmacies, not much was working. I found Lamasil AT to be the only cream that helped, but the ringworm was still getting larger. I tried the straight bleach method at first, that was not a good idea. At first I felt nothing so I applied more and more of it, using a cotton swab. This resulted in a chemical burn. BUT it did kill the ringworm! Unfortunately another small patch of ringworm has developed on the same arm in a new location. I have been taking a cap full of bleach and diluting it with 5 cap fulls of water. This does not burn much at all. I do this once or twice a day. If you skin is getting too damaged from the bleach skip a day and instead apply Lamasil. Your skin will heavily dry up where you applied the bleach. The area will become very red and eventually over a few days turn to a brownish tint, at this point stop using the bleach and turn back to an over the counter cream and the ringworm will slowly go away. If not, go back to the bleach. It does work, be careful of chemical burns.
Anon Comments By: Ms Dont be an Idiotbox!! on 2010-08-05
I saw your question and.... Black People take bleach baths to exfoliate the skin. As you should know WE ALL shed skin daily. And for a radiant glow, bleach enhances the scrub of a washcloth. And at the same time, cures mosquito itch and crap like ring worm! I'm hoping your question wasnt derrogatory but a curiousity?? It also works for White skin and ALL skin. You know, since we all need to shower daily. What do you think that film is when its rinsing down the drain?? DEAD SKIN. Thats not a black nor white thing. Just natural in ALL Breathing creatures INCLUDING trees!!!!

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