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Bleach for ringworm, ring worm

Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affected are with a cotton ball that has been mistuned with bleach twice a day. The bleach should not burn you, however do look for any allergic reaction. Reports are that the ringworm will be gone in as quick as 2 days.

The following was sent in by Nick

You decide on the strength of the bleach you use. You need to be responsible. Below are some guidelines

Fast treatment (1-2 Days)
100% Bleach
- Burning
- Scars

Quick treatment (2-4 Days)
- 50% Bleach
- 50% Warm Water

Normal Treatment (3-6 Days)
- 2 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach

Safe, Slow Treatment (1 Week+)
- 3 Cups Water
- 1/3 Cup Bleach


Visitors comments

So Both of my daughters were going to a daycare and the day care provider had the ring worm,(didnt know when we enrolled)on her hands.She was consistantly touching there hair Im assuming. Here it is a year later cause of course I took them out. They have it in there hair.....:( I've taken them to dermetologitst, and he's givin them a steriod that is taken for ever. The doctor basically told me and this might gross you that they have eggs and they just keep spreading and spreading. I've done the bleach thing and the only thing with that is they will return if you don't consistantly use so that you are free of the eggs!!!!!!(im itching now)But Im just hoping and praying for this to stop. Im so tired of this cause its effecting there hair. PLease help!!!!!!!!!lol
WRESTLING Comments By: fitzy on 2010-05-09
I been wrestling for about 14 years and always get all types of ring worm and what not. The coaches and officals tell you to use bleach to kill it. Faster way is poke the ring worm about 5 times with a sharp needle then apply blech on the wing worm. Takes about two full days
Little black dots - ringworm? Comments By: pete on 2010-05-13
I was hoping to get some advice as to weather the bleach method would work for me. I stupidly tried to pop a pimple near my hairline with a pin. And I have since developed about 4-5 little black dots in that area where I pricked the skin. Does this sound like ringworm or a fungus that could be helped by applying bleach? Thanks.
worried Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-11
i have had a ringworm for a about a month now and ive been to my doctor to see wat i can do.So prescribed me some anti-fungil cream to put on it. that was about 2weeks ago, so i was desperate for a treatment so i looked in the web and saw the bleach treatment so i got some bleach from the cabnet and took a cotton swap and dipped it into the bleach and put it on the ringworm, it started to burn. The thing i am worried about is that i didnt dilute the bleach.....its been about 20min since i have used the bleach (non-diluted) and i dont see a allergic reaction on the skin but i was just wondering if it was a big threat to my skin if i didnt dilute it??
bleach killing ringworms Comments By: its works so get with it on 2010-05-14
All I have to say is after reading this thread I used bleach and it was gone in 2 day but I used it for 3 so the people here that it didn't work for sorry but it did for me :p LOL thanks for the advice!!!!
yuck ringworm Comments By: amanda on 2010-05-17
i discovered this itchy stupid thing like on my jawline left side of my face it started itching i think its a ringworm hell it looks like one too. hope the bleach works will get back!
Bleach is THE most effective treatment for ringworm! Comments By: Catgirl on 2010-05-20
I know from experience; yesterday I had a large splotch (been there for over a week), and I used straight Clorox on a cotton ball every three hours, about 4 times. I also sat in the sun for 20 minutes. It's now nothing but a memory. Ringworm is a fungus, not an actual "worm". Bleach should not cause scarring, although it WILL burn. This is harmless, and means it's working! Keep using it until your rash starts drying up. I got this remedy from a feed store owner in Indiana 15 years ago. PLEASE don't waste your money on doctors and antifungal pills that will cause liver damage! Also, avoid oils, antifungal creams and sweating; moisture allows the fungus to thrive.
It Works...Just not as soon as many say... Comments By: Jay on 2010-05-25
I been checking out this site for about 2 days reading most of the comments about bleaching ringworms since I been suffering from ringworms for the last 2 months. I tried all the creams & even a spray(5 different ones to be exact) & they all barely even work. Even tried the nail polish(layers upon layers of it on my ringworms) & it works "ok" but I got tired of peeling the layers of nail polish off day after day & I couldn't use nail polish remover because the nail polish was so thick in layers.
So I decided to bleach my ringworm today with 1 part bleach:5 parts water...There was no burning AT ALL as many would say here but alittle itchy tho..only affect it had is the crown ring that the fungus makes went down. After about 2 minutes I washed it off & did it AGAIN about an hour later THIS TIME 1/2 bleach, 1/2 water. After about 5 minutes I washed it off & let it dry(BTW I have ringworm on my arms..about 20 I count). The ringworms crown went down even more like as if I had new skin again BUT you can still see the damage (scars) that the fungus made..since the fungus makes your skin flare up because it becomes inflamed & red..so I'm thinking it will take some time to heal..I'm still on my first day using bleach so I'll let ya'll know if it really works as many say.

I been fighting Ringworm so hard & been losing..if this doesn't work..I'll just have to peel my skin or something..LOL!

Back again..The day after the bleaching! Comments By: Jay on 2010-05-26
So I did the bleach thing twice since last night(once in the night & once in the morning). It didn't burn at all when I applied it but it did itch alittle...anyway I went to work and my freaking ringworms still itched...esp in the sunlight(which it always does).
BTW..for those that say sunlight kills ringworms...it really doesn't. I work 5-6 hours in the sun 5 days a week for about the last 2 months and the only thing to sunlight does it make it itch MORE.

But anyway throughout the whole workday it just itched and itched. I never touched my ringworms tho..BUT as I was at work i was still looking up how bleach works(web on my cell) & I saw one case in which someone rubbed the ringworm till it was red THEN appiled the bleach..maybe this is why when I did the bleach 2 other times before that it didn't burn..Because I never hardly scratched or rubbed on it.

This would be why people say it burns when they apply bleach..because they scratched it all day due to itching! So I came home & took a scrub brush & scrubbed on the ringworms till they were red(not raw..but just red) THEN I put the bleach on..It burned!! BUT about an hour later I can't even feel anymore itch. The ringworms are still there but it probably takes some time to heal after a while. I'm gonna bleach them again tonight & see if they itch in the sunlight again..if so..then the fungus is still there & I have to be persistent with the bleach. I don't wanna do this everyday because it's bed for my skin but I have to get rid of this crap because I been had it for almost 3 months now..and I'm getting 1-2 new ringworms a day since last week.

BTW...My skin IS NOT scarred from the bleach..I did 1/2 water, 1/2 bleach..but of course I'm black so it might not appear as well.

Bleach kills poison oak too!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-28
I got poison oak from working in my yard. Someone told me about bleach. I put it on my places and within about 3 days, it was all gone. The first summer I had went to the doctors. It came back. Next I jumped in my pool, which has bleach in it. It hasn't come back.
Back again..Day 4! Comments By: Jay on 2010-05-29
I'm bleaching every morning & night now my ringworms are going away..no itching EXCEPT a couple new ringworms\s that's trying to survive but I just bleach them at the beginning or end of the day.

Listen...If you do this bleaching with the ringworms you better MAINTAIN the bleaching everyday for at LEAST a week. You could bleach once & say "WOW they're gone" but they'll just come back a2 couple days from now. I suggest you clean your house & everything you touched from the time you 1st had ringworm. Use Disinfectant Spray..they do kill fungus & germs!

BTW....Once again SUNLIGHT does not work for ringworms. If anything it irritates them. As said before I had ringworms on my ARMS I worked 5-6 hours in the sun(no sleeves) 5 days a week. It will itch more in the sun..almost like the fungus is digging deeper into my skin trying to hide from the sun. Maybe that's how they hate the sun..that's don't mean it kills it.

Bleach !!! but take off ur shirt first Comments By: dumbazz on 2010-06-03
after having this little boogers for a while. i got fed up and went full strength on the ringworms in my head. but i forgot to take off my brand new shirt and f***ed it up. no more ringworms though.
Back again..10 days later Comments By: Jay on 2010-06-07
Well my ringworm is gone. But I still bleach my arms about every 2-3 days just to make sure they don't come back..because you know how they are..they're "itching" to come back.
My arms were "burned" by the bleach 10 day ago but now the burns are almost gone as well & my arms are getting back to normal.

Just keep bleaching the area where you previously had the ringworm(s) and you'll be ok..ALSO be on the look out for other ones on that same part of the body 7 you'll be ok. :-)

Bleach killed my ringworm!!!!!!!! Comments By: Mark on 2010-06-12
I've had this fungus on my hands for the past 5 years, tried every over the counter cream on the market, even went to a dermitologist, he wrote me a prescription for "halobetasol proprianate", $65.00!!!, didn't phase it!
I put full strength bleach on my fingers, no shit, after 24 hours of applying it 3 times a day, it was damn near gone,,,,,,no kidding!
I honestly think all the doctors know this cheap fix, but why the hell would they tell us??, that is money out of their pocket.
Oh well, I know now, and so do all my friends,,,,,,,sorry doc, you lose........

Bleach does work on ringworm! Comments By: Happy mom! on 2010-06-21
My 8 yr. old son had a spot of ringworm on his right cheek bone. I had tried different creams but it was going nowhere! Read about bleach as a cure but was afraid to use it on my son. After calling his pediatrician and trying to get a perscription for it, she told me the perscript. were no better then over the counter and to keep using them for well over a month!! So I dilluted the bleach with water a little, and put in on a cotton pad (be careful of fumes too!). After doing this, I used the cream immediately....I was gone within 3 days! I'd for sure use it again!! Thanks!
Worked REALLY well for me Comments By: Meg on 2010-06-22
Ok I have had ringworm chroniclly for 10 years. First of all I saw 3 seperate doctors that misdiagnosed it now after many years of dealing with this I know why it is so easily misdiagnosed. If you dont have any knowledge of ringworm when you get it you wont know not to itch it. So you itch and it makes it itch worse and causes breaks in the skin that weep (ooze a clear liquid as if your skin is crying) this makes the itching much much worse.

Now anytime you have ring worm once it is gone your skin where the ringworm was will be dark red and then brown and may even appear scarred. BUT if you use bleach on your ringworm while it is weeping OR when there are patches of light pink new skin (from where the ringworm has healed and flaked away) you could easily give yourself a chemical burn which will likely develop into a scar.

So what I do is use the bleach when I can catch the ringworm in stages where it is just forming or after it is starting to dry out. I use 1 part bleach 7 parts water. I apply it every two hours but again this is because I ONLY use the bleach method when there is no broken skin. I personally leave the bleach on and do not wash it off after a few minutes and I find it works better. Using this method has made mine be 50% one after just 4 applications numerous times. Again it does leave the skin red and then an almost bruising brown but that has always been the case when i get rid of it weather i use bleach or not.

Just so everyone knows ringworm doesnt always look like a ring and isnt always a perfect circle I used to get it as an oval on the back of my neck all the time. mostly because if it starts to go away before it develops to far the ring just wont develop so if you have red itchy bumps it is a good idea to treat it somehow and when in doubt have it looked at and dont be afraid to tell your doctor you suspect ringworm because again i have had it misdiagnosed as at least 3 other conditions including eczema, hives and just plain oversensative skin.

Just remember to wash EVERYTHING you get close to when ringworm dries out it becomes a fine powder and can become airborn mostly only if the infected area is itched but its better to be safe than sorry. Do you really want to go through this again?


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