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Toothbrush Care. Look after your tooth brush and keep healthy

It is very important to look after your toothbrush. By it's very nature it is prone to picking up bacteria and the fact that it is regularly damp can increase the chances of bacteria forming. So here are a few simple ideas that have been sent into the site to help you care for your toothbrush.

To make sure your toothbrush is hygienically fresh you can use one of these methods:

  • Wash your toothbrushes in the dishwasher.

  • Immerse them for 30 seconds in boiling water.

  • Use a sterilizing solution once a week.

Other advice for the care of your toothbrushes reads:

  • Do not place toothbrushes near the toilet, keep them in the medicine cabinet. Germs from the toilet spray out like a volcano when flushed.

  • Change toothbrushes every three months.

You will find if you look after your toothbrush your tooth brush will look after you. Your teeth will be hygienically clean and you may find that your family catches far fewer virus' and bugs.

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