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Sore finger. Have you hit your finger or thumb?

See warning below.

Have you ever hit or hurt one of your fingers or thumb. If you hurt your finger or thumb bad enough it will swell and you will be left with a black nail. After a period of time the nail will start to detach from your digit and eventually fall off. It is a long drawn out process, one that I have been through many times.

Well read on for a tip sent to the site that may well stop this process in it's tracks and prevent the nail ever becoming black. Be advised that it is not for the faint of heart.

If you smash the tip of your finger. You may wish to heat up a paperclip with a lighter and then poke a hole through your fingernail so that any blood inside can escape. This saves the nasty discoloration under your nail.

TipKing Warning
It has been brought to my attention that emergency rooms do not endorse this type of treatment. If you have damaged your finger so badly that you may have cracked the bone, making a hole in the nail could allow infection to pass through to the marrowbone.  You have been warned!

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i hit my thumb Comments By: solomon on 2007-12-08
ihit my thumb and now its swolen

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