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Super Glue. Crazy glue. Help if you have glued your fingers

To remove super glue or crazy glue from your fingers the following is the recommended advice. Exposure to water will help to wear away the glue from your skin. Acetone otherwise known as nail varnish remover can also help to speed up the process. However at the end of the day you will still have to gently pick the glue away with your fingernail, slowly peeling the glue away like removing a plaster or band-aid.

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it worked Comments By: mom on 2007-03-15
Acetone really worked for me. I applied it 3 times and washed with warm soap and water between. The few flakes that were left came off after a few hours...i was rubbing the skin in a circular pattern when i thought about it to speed this up.
wow Comments By: Kirsten on 2008-10-15
I really needed it because I was fixing something with crazy glue then it happened I Gooogled how do you get crazy glue off of your fingers it went to this then I tried it then it worked THANK YOU!!!!
it worked Comments By: kimberly on 2009-06-28
it really work im not glued anymore!!!!
Exploding Superglue Comments By: Jude on 2009-07-18
I pressed too hard on the superglue and it exploded out all over four fingers and my thumb too. Fortunately I was in the kitchen and immediately spread my fingers apart just as they were about to bond. Straight into warm soapy water they went and it helped so much. I had got it on my nails too so I was really worried. When dry I buffed my nails and cuticles to ensure it all came off. Well scarry - never going to touch the stuff again !!! Best was - it didn't stick what I was gluing anyway.
it really works!!!! Comments By: andrew wu on 2010-03-16
it actually works I glued 4 of my fingers trying to fix something twice!If anyone else has crazy glue or super glue on their hands follow those instructions.

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