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Restless legs Get some sleep with this tip

If restless legs result in sleepless nights, try taking a hot bath immediately before you go to bed. Or a hot water bottle and bed socks can work just as well.

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don't work Comments By: Kay on 2004-09-19
For some of us that have really bad restless legs this don't work. I have tried most every thing.
Hot Bath Comments By: Wendy on 2005-01-26
I have also spent many hours soaking my legs before bed, without any results. Recently I have started putting a bar of soap under my fitted sheet near my calves and that has been a big help.
doesnt work Comments By: shelda on 2006-08-31
i have soaked many of times a night and stilll no relief in sight
Nope, it doesn't work Comments By: Ruby on 2006-12-30
But a bar of soap under the sheets does. As does Requip and Gabapentin or a combination of the two depending on what your doctor says. I have a very severe case and have tried it all!

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