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Headache Get some relief from headache

For immediate relief from a headache push your finger in the space between your eyebrows. That's right just above the bridge of your nose. It may hurt a little when you push but that is because you have a headache. Keep pressing and then letting go until the throbbing of the headache has subsided. The place you are pushing is actually an acupuncture point and pressing it will relieve the suffering. 'No do not stick any needles in yourself.

Another area that you can apply pressure to is slightly lower, on the bridge of the nose right between the eyes.

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Acupuncture Works!! Comments By: Andi on 2005-08-10
I ahve tried this and yes it does ease the pain although I ahve discovered another acupuncture point that is even more effective. As someone who suffers from headaches I tend to use this more offten than not; press your thumb and index finger on the ball of your earlobe and with pressure kneed in a circular motion. Do this for 30-60 seconds and you will be headache free!
both remedies work! Comments By: Renee from North Carolina on 2006-07-03
This is the first time ever visiting this site and luckily (!) I had a headache. I tried both the earlobe thing and the intermittent pressure between my eyebrows and my headache was gone in about 2 minutes! Thank you so much!
Really works !!! Comments By: Arjun on 2010-01-27
Actually I tried it without belief. But it really works !!!

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