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Soothe a Bee sting, wasp Sting, hornet sting with vinegar

Dab the irritation with vinegar and this will relieve the itching. Be sure to get the stinger out of your skin.

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wasps are alkali - bees are acid Comments By: swatt on 2008-08-14
use an alkali eg. baking soda for a beesting ... vinegar is fine for wasps though.
wasp and bee stings Comments By: anon on 2008-11-07
never use vinegar on a bee sting it makes it worse
use lemon jucie Comments By: far2 on 2009-09-10
use lemon juice i used the lemon juice u buy concetrated too the ithching away used the next day and it worked no bs i was itching and it took it away for me hope this helps u
Does work Comments By: Ashlynn on 2010-07-21
I was stung about 6 hrs ago and AM allergic... I swell up if I don't take benadryl right away... I took the correct dose and soon fell asleep... I woke up with pain shooting through my foot.. I went to the web searching for a remedy for the pain and found this site. I read bout the onion but didn't have one in the house so I tried vinegar... It did help with the pain. although I did have to soak a cotton ball and leave it on the sting site. I don't have the shooting pain that I did... Wow are hornet stings way worse then any bee!!! How this helps :)

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