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Understanding antiseptics

The best thing to do when you injure yourself is wash the wound with soap and water. You should always wash even minor grazes, burns and cuts thoroughly.

Be sure to remove items, such as gravel, from grazes and cuts. You can use gently a scrubbing brush.

If you suffer a burn it is essential to get the area cooled down. Get cold water onto the area as soon as possible. Do not apply antiseptics to deep burns or blisters, but antiseptic ointment maybe applied to small superficial burns to prevent them from becoming infected.

If a wound is large, bleeding heavily or likely to require medical attention, do not apply antiseptic ointment.

Non-prescription antiseptic creams are good for cuts. They can also prevent the bandage sticking to the wound. Use them with caution, however: they can produce an allergic rash.

If the wound isn't healing after a couple of days, you should see a doctor.

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