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Dirty Money. Do you realize how many germs are on money?

I was very shocked when the following tips were sent into the site. I often feel like washing my hands after handling money but I never really realized how important it really is. Read on to find out more about how dirty money really is....

After handling a lot of bills, rub rubbing alcohol on your hands. Also it is wise to wash hands thoroughly after visiting ATMs. You may wish to carry an antibacterial solution with you. The highest amount of bacteria on an ATM is fecal bacteria. Be aware.

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further research Comments By: anon on 2005-06-23
this was the subject of interest my groupmates chose to be studied further..
good Comments By: Kareem on 2006-03-27
i like the fact that you have discovered the bacteria. Can you please give us more details?

TipKing says: The tip is just as it is I am afraid

Germs on money Comments By: Rebecca on 2008-03-01
A few months ago I took an optics whisky bottle full of copper into my local ASDA to get it counted and exchanged into notes. I was there a good while placing the money into the machine then went to collect my notes. There was over 500 in the bottle to my suprise! That evening though I would have returned the 500 in return for my health, I was sick for 7 hours thus resulting in hospitalisation for dehydration. I had picked up germs from the money and was the poorlyest that I have ever been. I have now got rid of my whisky bottle and always wash my hands after handling money. Be warned, it really is nasty!
Cool Comments By: Libbie on 2009-01-27
I have to do a science fair project on that so thanks for bringing it up!
ill Comments By: isatou on 2009-02-24
i sure do like money but i hate the sence that it has germs in it
Not just many - anything touched by frequent public Comments By: Lawson Review on 2009-07-28
Gas station handles, doors going into businesses, grocery carts, pens when you are signing your credit card transactions, etc... you think of it, your mind will come up with the possibilities. It is just generally a good rule to wash your hands frequently!
Dirty Filthy Money Comments By: Chris on 2009-09-14
Have you ever smelt your hands after handling coins. Ugh

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