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No one is immune from hangovers

No one is immune from a hangover. Even people who regularly drink large amounts of alcohol usually experience the throbbing headaches, sickness and muscle cramps associated with one drink too many. However, the severity and number of symptoms you get can depend on your weight and height, and the type and amount of alcohol you drink.

Lighter people and women absorb alcohol more slowly and may experience more severe hangover symptoms. Dark coloured alcoholic drinks such as red wine and sherry may cause particularly bad hangovers because they contain higher amounts of toxic chemicals called congeners.

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Enzymes are key Comments By: cheryl on 2004-08-07
Really, you get hungover due to the excess alcohol that is left in your system after it has been filtered through your liver. The enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is responsible for the detoxification of alcohol. People have different levels of this enzyme, which accounts for differing hangovers. Less of the enzyme = drunker for longer with worse hangovers.
The true cause of hangover Comments By: Dan Cutter on 2004-10-28
Hangovers and morning sickness are evil twin sisters: Dehydration is the crux. Granted, toxicity and overworked enzymes exacerbate the problem, but re-hydration is the cure.
The Real Truth Comments By: Gerry G. (former scotch fan) on 2007-03-10
Getting(1) of feeling drunk(2)....its just a symptom(3)......the consecuences are also called symptoms (hangovers)....to prevent 1,2,3....just drink the same amount of cold water in a glass (of course) while having any alcoholic beverage....you have to finish each glass of water at the end of every beverage.....one for every two beers....mixed sweet drinks require just a little more water because sugar stays longer on your blood.....if you dont want to make it work avoid water, after all drinks are expensive and were meant to be....keep the pace and you'll really notice the excellent results.....good luck to all fans....
some are Comments By: courtney on 2010-03-04
Sorry, I am 34 and LOVE my beer, rum and vodka. I would be considered a regular daily (and very functional) drinker and have never had a hangover, even in the inexperienced college days of partying. I do drink a lot of water, and think that is the key for most people, but even, on occasion, when I have been out partying and water has slipped from my memory, I have never had a headache the next day. I would like to know why this is, just curious. I have never missed work due to a fun night out, it's nice, but how is this? My husband is very jealous and I wish I had a way to extend this to him but I just can't bottle it and give it to him...can I?

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