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Whiskey for toothache

Submitted by shawn

If you have toothache and a bottle of whiskey in the house, put some on your finger and rub over the gums that are hurting to take the pain away.

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Toothache Comments By: Anne on 2004-07-24
Great tip and it really works, too.
Also, if you have a hole in the tooth where a filling has dropped out, you can get a small piece of cotton wool, soak it in whisky, then put it in the hole.
Just be careful not to swallow it !!.

toothache Comments By: jessica on 2005-12-24
the whisky really did work thanks again
pain free Comments By: david smith on 2006-07-24
i tried the whiskey, and it really does work. i had 3 teeth that bothered me and one exposed root,with in 3 minutes, my pain was gone, after 3 days of pain.
no more pain !! Comments By: ace on 2007-09-16
what great pain releif also try peanut butter !!! it works
It works! Comments By: Harold S. Crawford on 2007-10-16
I have had toothaches on and off for years,and I have tried everything pretty much, and Whiskey is by far the most effective remedy there is! Next runner up would be when my wisdom tooth was coming in (years ago) I took 4 Advil and 4 Tylenol. It worked excellent and the tooth never hurt again, probably wasn;t the best thing to do. :)
Peanut Butter! Wow! Comments By: Neal on 2008-06-21
Less than a minute ago I read a mention of peanut butter on this page, and happened to have some nearby. I have just dabbed some on my very sore cavity and...INSTANT relief!


Thank you to the person who mentioned peanut butter. I have been in agony for several hours and am trying to avoid alcohol for various reasons.

whisky damn it Comments By: BETH on 2008-06-28
i had toothache and this didnt work .i suggest you get a life SADDOOO
this one tastes good to Comments By: Ruthietoothie on 2008-08-06
have just done the same as someone else after sitting with an ice pack on my face for several hours peanut butter has done the trick thank you both
onions Comments By: lee on 2008-10-07
raw onion is the best pain killer for me...its work everytime even for extreme toothache ..i hope this helps
If no whisky........ Comments By: peanutbutterlover on 2009-01-30
Try peanut butter, IT REALLY DOES WORK!! Who the heck thought of this one first? I can just picture someone rumaging away in cupboards - ah ha! I'll try a dollop of this...2 minutes later..... wehay, kiss that pain goodbye! Genius.:O)
oh it works alright.. Comments By: SteveEastYorks on 2009-01-13
I had serious toothache,dentist eventually pinpointed the pain to be a cracked tooth caused by a filling.Whiskey numbs the pain.only downside is that it cost me 3 bottles of good malt.hehe.
not working Comments By: Mhartsfs on 2009-03-14
my wisdom tooth broke today and i think i have an expoded nerve. ive tryed heavy duty pain killers (dilaudid, aka hydromorphone) and ive had an icepack on my pafe for some time. im been using whisky every half hour because it keeps wearing off. ice pack not working either. also have horrible severe TMJ. ANyone have any more ideas???????????????
wonderful Comments By: millyrose on 2009-03-27
i am waiting to have a tooth out but i have to wait to be given a course of hepatitis b vaccs because i need to have a blood transfusion before i have to tooth out so it is going to be another 4 to 6 months before i can have it out i have had toothache for 2 days now and i have just used whiskey on it and it has taken the pain away it is really good and pain releif the old remedys are the best.
Peanut Butter really works Comments By: felicity de bruyne on 2009-05-01
This does work, I tried cloves with oil, pain killers and ice. I tried the massaging the lobe of the ear and squeezing the finger nails all to no avail. I put the peanut butter (smooth) straight onto the jaw bone and over the tooth and within seconds NO PAIN.

WHAT IF YOUR TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: cyp on 2009-05-16
yeah somhow Comments By: OLDsan on 2009-06-06
well it works ... and thanks alot
but it will only lasts for 3 hours then the pain strikes again :(

what aboutt... Comments By: Hannah on 2009-06-12
Will southern comfort work? i don't know if its actually whisky :/ sorry blonde person asking silly questions!!
Whiskey Comments By: Jim on 2009-07-01
Ok, who mentioned peanut butter.
I thought I would go for the double and cram my mouth full of peanut butter whilst filling whatever voids were left with whiskey.

I have just about finished throwing up and have to admit it took my mind completely off of the pain for a couple of hours

Whiskey A Go Go Comments By: Chad on 2009-07-15
I have an appointment 48 hours from now and the tooth pain intesified to the point where I could not sleep and was questioning my sanity!!! Finally I came on this site. Tried the peanut butter, but think the pain was too intense so I resorted to the whiskey. That worked like a charm.
Peanut butter works for me!!! Comments By: Wayne on 2009-07-28
I had a tootache not long aho. After reading about the peanut butter trick, it does really actually work. Since then I had no pain, apart from the time if I eat something too hot or too cold. Best time to do it is paste the peanut butter around the painful by using a clean swab.. Within hours the pain will disappear. But do this before you go to bed, for better chances.
how to burst an abcess Comments By: darren on 2009-07-29
ive had numerous abscesses through the years,and the best remedy ive found,is simple vodka,whisky has elements of sugar in it with irrates the tooth where vodka has no sugar.....simply take a small amount in the mouth and try and rest it on the tooth for as long as you can,dont swallow it but just spit it out,repeat this every 3 hours,it will kill the infection and eventually will burst the abscess
Forget the 'old wives tales' Comments By: Christopher on 2009-08-28
I had an abcessed tooth that got to bone and began to throb with pain. Ibuprofen and Orajel were not helping like they used to and Dentist wound't be in for another 6 hours so I had to constantly swish fluid to numb the tooth. Out of the three remiedies I tried (Listerine, Salt Water, Whiskey), Whiskey would numb it the longest. Most dentists will say forget the Whiskey and do the other remedies; but when the rest fails, it never hurts to try! thank you JD!
PEANUT BUTTER Comments By: Craig on 2009-09-03
My wife says that it works,but she is struggling not to bloody eat it all first.
OMG Peanut Butter Comments By: DAMN TOOTH PAIN on 2009-09-30
I have been in so much pain all day at work and then I got on here, I tried the vanilla extract, warm salt and water, using my finger to find pressure points and nothing worked. I put a good amount of peanut butter on my gums and the pain went away in like 5-10 minutes, I'm so scared the pain is going to come back I keep putting the peanut butter on my gum. Good thing I like peanut butter...
whisky, warning Comments By: killer-tooth on 2009-10-09
im half way through my dads blue lable whiskey, it does the jod, but i warn you to do it in small amount with cheap stuff, not a bottle that costs around �110 quid, but the best cure i have had is, peacful music, vodka and a buket, just in case you drink to much, at least you wont be in any pain
Yeah for the wonderfull Peanut Comments By: Danny on 2009-11-30
Ive had this damn tooth pain that always seemed to hit me at night. It was very painfull like almost couldnt talk. After reading on this site. I looked on the table to see a jar of the nutty stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! dipped my finger in it and just barley touched my broken tooth. Bam the pain was gone. the only problem is now I cant stop eating the stuff. Best tasting painkiller Ive ever had. Thanks to everyone I might get to sleep tonight going on a week with hardly any.
gud wen i wernt at work lol Comments By: jade on 2009-12-09
broke my tooth the day b4 i went on holiday, got pain killers the lot whisky was the 1, worked a treat but then wen i had 2 go work i was stuck so i tried TCP, get sum on a cotton bud and dabb it on or get a small amount in ur mouth over the gums. burns ur tongue a bit but killed my pain and stunk the office out with my breath 2 lol.
HELP MEE!!! Comments By: callum on 2009-12-25
its christmas....
no dentist and no emergancy ones are open...
peanut butter doesnt work...
my house stinks of TCP
and i am really tipsy from JD
and dont even get me started on my onion breath....

is there anything that actually worksss
please help im in so much pain !

Thanks to the internet! Comments By: Jenea on 2009-12-30
Thanks for the internet, Whiskey really does do the trick. I have been back and fourth to the dentist, and have been taking way to many pills that my stomach can take. One rinse to the mouth and it really works. Thanks People
Is whisky the remedy Comments By: mag on 2010-01-04
When i got to the point that codiene, paracetomol and oralgel, were not killing the pain, i bought a half bottle of asda whisky, had whisky mouthwashes, yes it worked, and yes i swallowed it haha, after 3 nights of doing this i knew it was time to go to the dentist, was given antibiotics for a abcess, and today i went bk and after 4 injections to numb my mouth! he yanked the offeneding tooth out no bother, wish i had went sooner lolx
Moral of the story,,,,,,,,,,,,, Go to the dentist eventually, he is there to help x

WHEN NOTHING ELSE WORKS!!! Comments By: JESSICA on 2010-03-01
I've noticed a few people have asked for other suggestions than those already listed. I have suffered with severe toothaches for the past five years or so...and have tried or heard of everything in the book by now. Some of these remedies work wonderfully sometimes...others, they seemingly don't work at all. That goes to say each should be considered for each time your tooth is keeping you up at night. Newayz...

-NYQUIL: should def try this one...rids 90%-100% of pain almost instantly and lasts for hours. swish about 1/2 tsp over sore tooth until pain subsides...and voila! you're sleeping like a baby.

-SENSODYNE: yes, the toothpaste...smooth it (either with clean fingertip or q-tip) over gum, tooth, and cavity. 75%-90% relief of pain.

-MARY JANE- uh huh...i went there. for good reason though. this element, with any of the others, insures a good night's sleep and is all natural. (I can honestly say this does not necessarily relieve any tooth pain, however it does distract me from the pain, provide me with an appetite to take any necessary medicines, and make me drowsy causing me to fall asleep more easily.)

-HONEY & CINNAMON- 5 tsp honey mixed with 1 tsp cinnamon to make a paste. Honey has antibiotic properties (or something...google it) and cinnamon is somewhat similar to cloves (and more easily accessible) in its healing, cleansing, and pain-relieving properties. this worked for me once...it took about 2 or 3 minutes after i massaged it into my gums/tooth and alleviated 100% of the pain for the rest of the day. after that time, it never worked as well but i def would recommend trying this one.

-BAKING SODA & SALT- mix a couple tsp of baking soda with a cup warm water. gargle over tooth. mix a couple tbsp of salt with a cup warm water. gargle. this one provides at least 50% relief.

-ICE CUBE- chew it. i've only heard of this one...never tried it.

-LISTEN TO MUSIC- loud...with lots of bass...get your headphones if you need to. the vibrations can be soothing and provide minor relief. best when combined with MARY JANE or any of the others.


peanut butter withdrawl Comments By: frenchy on 2010-03-21
Well,being a recovering alcoholic whiskey was out for me, with a highly addictive nature and 3 sleepless nights over a bank holiday due to toothache i tried peanut butter,great but now on 3 jars a day plus,can any one tell me where i go for detox?ha,no seriously it works and i guess it just fills the cavity but so does pollyfilla but not the tastiest.
Whiskey you say? Comments By: Sean on 2010-03-24
Read this post with alot of doubt.

But after 4 hours of pain and considering crying my way to the hospital i tried this. I essentially have half a tooth missing. I know, no wonder it hurts. But I tried the whiskey and the pain has been reduced instantly. I can steel feel its not right but at least its better than the pain.

It was so painful I couldnt even concentrate on anything.

Rather than rubbing i filled the cap with whiskey and did a bit of a mouthwash thing with it which has numbed the pain.

arghhhh Comments By: olivia on 2010-03-25
what am i doing so wrong, the whiskey isnt helping one bit
Whisky is the way forward Comments By: Simon on 2010-03-26
This damn toothache is killing me! i basically broke a tooth at the back of my mouth and it was left sharp and very painfull, i eventually went to the dentist after remorgaging my house to pay for the treatment i desperatly needed, and all he did was smooth the sharp edges and then had the cheek to charge me over �40 to do it, 2 days later, pain returned even worse. So im now in more pain than before and �40 worse off. So ive decided a bottle of whisky and a pair of pliers will do the trick. will let you know how i get on.
Better Idea Comments By: Callum on 2010-04-27
I find drinking the whiskey is a considerably more effective short term method of pain relief =D.
Whiskey is my tooth's bet friend Comments By: Michelle on 2010-06-19
whiskey is definitely one of the best ways to instantly and temp. numb the pain of a toothache ALSO a sore throat!! For a sore throat, gargle, then spit. Toothache, especially with a broken tooth, or fallen out filling, or cavity, swish in mouth like mouth wash where the pain is. Gargling is one of the best things you can do to relieve a sore throat when you have strep throat.
walgreens or a RiteAid Comments By: get a filling from walgreens on 2010-07-19
walgreens or a RiteAid has stuff in a little blue container, very small. usually right next to the oralgels. Its like a putty that hardens like a actual filling as if you would get from the dentist. Even stops the swelling on your gums. Put it in and in a few hours you'll be eating candy because u forget because it no longer hurts.. dont recommend doing that filling will fall out lol
It's the best Comments By: subzero22 on 2010-09-18
One year I had very bad tooth pain. I couldn't sleep, eat or even concentrait on doing simple tasts the pain was so bad. I even took 3600 mg Ibuprophin, 2000 mg Tylenol and a couple vikidin pills. All withing 6-8 hours. I know I pretty much overdosed myself and the pain still didn't go away one bit. But this sure did help it. I didn't put it on my finger, what I did was put some in my mouth and had it soak for a min where the tooth was. (sorry for the spelling on the meds)
TRY THIS. No more pain Comments By: Anon on 2010-10-04
A few days ago I had a root canal snipped out, and I just have a temporary filling in it. At first, all my pain was gone.. 3 days later, the whole side of my mouth is killing me. Gums, teeth, etc.

Anyway, saw this post and figured I'd try it, considering I was sitting here hitting my head against the desk, in pain.

I poured a little whiskey into a shot glass, and poured it into my mouth. I made sure the whiskey stayed in the back corner of my mouth, over the tooth and the gums (basically soaking them).

I'm sitting here now with very little pain. Job well done

ouch :( Comments By: sammy on 2010-10-09
whiskey, toothache killing economics Comments By: GAD on 2010-10-22
I endured 5 days of severe toothache before the indignity of having to ask my wife for the �80 emergency fee for seeing a dentist.(I'm unemployed). After a tooth extraction and 4 more days of toothache, I returned to my dentist (with wifes credit card in pocket) to be informed I had a dry socket (stuffed with something gauze and clovish)which would heal within 10-14 days. 4 days later I write this in the debilitating state that toothache causes. This in mind, my memory bank came up with whiskey as a 'cure'. Lady luck intervened when my wife bought me a 'scratch card'. I won �25. I procured whiskey. I googled and came up with this site. I dipped my finger in ( the whiskey)and rubbed it on my gums. I then took a drink and 'slushed' it arouned the sore area. It has worked wonderfully (probably temporarily) - took a while to kick in) but it worked - immediate relief with light at the end. In contrast, the toothache of an ill advised/informed uk government. History dicatates the obvious. This analogy pertains to the necessary expenditure on the Construction Industry which employs approx 15% of the workforce. As an investment industry, Construction accounts for half the production in the economy which is invested. Without investment an economy will deteriorate.Imagine our 'leaders' had to endure toothache with no respite, no money or access to tipking - the world would change. - they would have to be reflective - positive...principled... Hoping your pain subsides...
Vodka works Comments By: Stu Mullett on 2010-10-28
Whiskey worked ok, Vodka works much better though. Had no pain for 3 minutes (took it 3 mins ago). Better than swirling salt-water around. Hope the pain relief lasts.
Paging Dr. Walker -Dr Johnnie Walker Comments By: MPPdotORG on 2010-11-30
within minutes I already feel better. went to the dentist today to find out my gums were a mess, even though i just went for my second cleaning this year earlier this month...i have a botched root canal, cracked crown from clenching my teeth...the list goes on. came home to see how common the whiskey was. by the time i rub some on each side, took a shot, shwished another shot on that tooth for a few, read the thread - 10x better. like others have mentioned, prob can't go wrong with "the pot" either.
The best way to get rid of toothache!! Comments By: jarrod on 2010-12-21
I had a toothache for 3 days until I couldn't take know more. I have a whole in my tooth and hurts like a bi*ch. I opened my refregrator a got a onion. I cut it in small pieces. I took one of the pieces and placed it on my tooth. Don't have to chew just let it sit there for 10 mins or so whenever the pain goes away. I know some people don't have Whiskey in there house but the onion is is really great way to get rid of toothache!!!!
i want my mommy Comments By: morinar on 2010-12-22
i tried everything i found i have had this horrible tooth ache for days now cant get in to see a dentist for months hurts so bad i was in my room half the time crying with a pillow over my head tried wiskey didnt work fast enough for me tried vodka wow vodka wins if your tooth pain is this bad see a dentist ASAP
nope for the whisky Comments By: Nico on 2011-01-25
After a few sleepless nights, i tried whisky, didn't do a thing, i actually recommend Oralgel, can be bought at the chemist, numbs the tooth, it's the ONLY thing that's worked for me :)
ooh.... Its working..... Or is it?! Comments By: Gemma28 on 2011-01-19
Have had toothache for 3days now (mother of a wisdom tooth coming through).... Got so fed up with the pain, that i was googling pain relief and came across this site.

Immediatly dashed to the cupboard to get my hubby's wiskey and although it hasnt gone completely, there is a definite numbing sensation! Off to swill some more. Thanks you guys! Got the bottle of voddy on stand by in case the whisky fails!

Whiskey Comments By: welsh on 2011-02-19
I tried whiskey last time i had toothache it eased the pain 4 a few hours, however in the end I burned my gums and that hurt even more so be carefull. I like small bit of bread soaked in warm milk it not great but does help :))))
swish swash Comments By: buck on 2011-04-24
swig whiskey then let it sit on the sore area of your mouth... they have a shot... but do NOT DRIVE.
Gin works Comments By: Ladeedah on 2011-08-08
Didn't have open bottle of whiskey, so tried gin. It works. Thanks. :)

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