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Upper body massage. How to give an upper body massage

If someone in your family suffers from body aches and pains, giving a massage is one of the most relaxing methods that you can help them through the pain. A massage is where you are going to use your hands, fingers, and relax their muscles. This is not only a great option when you are treating someone in your family who is physically ill or disabled, but for the person in your family who is constantly using their body in their job, a massage is going to make their day so much brighter.

One important thing to remember when you are giving another person, no matter how old they are a massage, is to not massage the front of the neck area around the throat. This is one of the important areas that could cause pain or further problems if you were to massage this area. The front of the neck is delicate and should not be massaged.

As you are giving someone a massage, you can make your own energy benefit them more if you use your body weight when massaging and not so much your muscles. Take for example, if you are rubbing your hands on someoneís back while they are laying down, using your body weight to push your hands into their muscles you are going to give them more effective massages because you are going to be able to massage longer. When you use your own muscles in your arms to massage you are not going to be able to massage as long.

Massaging the upper body is better when the person is lying down, face up on a table or floor instead of the bed or couch.¬† Their body is going to move and give more when lying on a soft surface like a couch so they wonít benefit fully from your massage as they would when lying on the floor.

If someone has headaches, neck problems or shoulder pain you can start by massaging their upper torso and give them a great relaxing massage. Rubbing your fingers over the temples, making circles on the temples, over the check bones and rubbing the forehead lightly is going to give your subject a great relaxing start. Imagine if someone were rubbing your head, how would you want it done? This is how you start and massage another personís head.

Massage along the check bones and the jaw line. Rubbing softly but firmly making all the muscles relaxes as you continue. Firmly press the areas along the eye sockets to relax muscles in the face, and use your finger tips to massage the scalp areas, spending more time along the back base of the head and the temples for great effects.

If your subject is having pains in the shoulders and in the muscles of the chest you are bets to stand with your body at their head with your fingertips facing their toes.  Rubbing on the chest with your hands in a flat position, move the palms of your hands up and down their chest and then from side to side to relax the muscles of the chest and that lead to the shoulders.

Cupping your hands put your hands on their shoulders where the shoulder meets the body using your fingertips to relax the muscles that run down the arms. This relieves shoulder socket pain and relaxes your subject more.

Moving your hands down the arms, continue to squeeze the arms, moving the muscles around and massaging the muscles so that the arm will relax even further. You might have to focus on just one at a time for an adult. For the baby or small child in pain, you may be able massage both arms at the same time which will give them a very soothing over all effect.

Turning your subject over and rubbing their back in the same manner that you massaged the chest will relax the muscles and give relief from stress and pain. Standing at the head, pressing your palms into the back muscles, rubbing in a motion where your fingertips are facing their feet, you are going to provide a total relaxing state for the subject.

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