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Tea bags Home remedy for a Sty, Stye or Sties

Simply wet a tea bag and place it on the sty or sties.  Let it stay for a few minutes.  When you do this you will find that the sty or sties usually shrink to half their size.  The tannic acid in the tea seems to help.

Visitors comments

Tea bag Comments By: E.J. on 2004-08-29
Initially the acid burns your sty a little. But the irritation dies down, along with the swelling. It works well.
Works great Comments By: anon on 2006-01-01
Works exactly as described. Definitely recommend.
ill try it all Comments By: chrissy on 2007-06-20
please help me
trying as you read Comments By: kim on 2007-09-26
im hoping this tea bag thing well work because im going crazy!!!!
I HATE STRESS Comments By: Michelle on 2007-11-05
oh s#*t, i just figured out that i'm getting a sty, and i keep hearing about how freaking annoying and painful it is.

help Comments By: anon on 2007-11-14
I hear that sometimes you get sties because you are stresseed and lack of sleep...i hope this works because it itches like hell AHHHH
Fantastic Comments By: Leda on 2007-12-02
My eye had been hurting for two days, on the second day in desperation I looked on the internet and stumbled across this website, I had heard about bathing your eye with tea but not for a sty, I thought I'd give it a try. In the morning all I had was a small bump inside my eyelid, after the first try the bump turned white, two more goes and by evening the sty burst and no more pain. I am speechless and overjoyed. Thank you.
sty Comments By: LIANE DURAN on 2007-12-14
i have a sty and its at its puffy stage, hasnt got a head yet, i was gonna try the gold thing, but this just seems more practical, ill let ya know!
can't wait to try it Comments By: Zoe on 2008-01-24
i went to the chemist today to see wot i could get for my stye...and they sed this cream would cost 4.15! as a student...thats definitely not good. but i do no that i have teabags in my cupboard so il definitely give it a try. im at the stage of puffiness and the stye has a head - its on the top eyelid so its making my eye shut a bit - i look as if iv been punched!
so painful!! Comments By: fizza on 2008-01-27
i have tried everything the teabag did not do much for me..took away a little bit of the pain. its still red and painful. my eye is now watering!!
its back again! Comments By: Zoe on 2008-02-06
i can't believe this. i'm obviously using something that has the 'stye germ' on it because the stye has returned in exactly the same place, but on the OTHER eye. i do notice a difference using a teabag though
Help me Comments By: tameka on 2008-03-18
im hopnig this works b/c i get sties almost every year and my not stays on my eyelid for atleast 6 m onths..i dont know what to do to make it go away
it works! Comments By: anon on 2008-04-29
i woke up this morning with a stye on my top eyelid, i tried the salt solution first and am currently sittin with a teabag on my eye! It has definitely gone down in the last ten minutes, although it is still painful.
? Comments By: leslie on 2008-06-03
does it still work if its under the eye?
Camomile tea! Comments By: CW on 2008-06-27
Camomile tea works best. Make the tea and use the tea bag as hot as you can stand it. Works great. I also put a tiny drop of tea tree oil directly on the sty (it burns a bit) just before placing the tea bag on the eye. With this method i got rid of my sty in just 2 days.

It is best if you start the treatment as soon as you feel the sty coming.

It works! Comments By: Helen on 2008-08-14
Tryed this on my daughter yesterday and the swelling went down in a few hours, would recomend!
get rid of eye makeup Comments By: liz on 2008-08-25
Remember to get rid of all of your eye makeup when you get a stye because the bacteria will stay on the make up.
OMGG IT WORKED Comments By: anon on 2008-10-05
geez this thing actually WORKED, well semi. it took some puss out and then tomarrow i'll try again to see if it takes it all out..;]
where do i put the tea or teabag???? Comments By: the force 3 on 2008-10-12
i have a stye and its swelled up on the bottom eye lid the head is on the inner side.

where do i dab or drop some tea inner or on the outer side ???

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! Comments By: Ally on 2008-11-03
I had a sty on my bottom eyelid and saw this site and decided it couldn't hurt, and it work great i have kept it on my eye for about 15 min. now and it's almost gone! just after a few min. it had shrunk so this is great thanks!!!!
Awesome! Comments By: Ryan on 2009-01-26
Awesome! I had just a real puffy bottom lid and tried the tea bag, it's almost back to normal after 10 mins! WHY DO DOCTORS MAKE SO MUCH MONEY?
??? Comments By: DESTINY on 2009-01-27
0F Y0UR 3Y3L!D...
I HAV3 SCH00L 2M0RR0W!!!!!!!

styes & teabags Comments By: qiff on 2009-02-19
never drink the stuff smells & tastes like mowed grass but if it works i will be eternally greatfull, thanks
please tell me that last one is a joke! Comments By: ash on 2009-03-10
Im gonna try this one 2mos... need it gone soon, will try them all till its gone but please tell me that the last comment here bout his mate and his balls is a joke, if not wrong kind of "tea-bag" my friend
itss brilliant Comments By: Vicky on 2009-03-14
its wicked i tried itt..it worked inn seconds a pain warm tea bag
i neeed to get rid of my sty Comments By: danielle on 2009-03-17
iv just got a sty and i havent do anything to help it yet but in going to try this a bit later on.....
teabag fantastic Comments By: PETERHASTY on 2009-03-25
Woke up this morning in agony , with my eye swollen and a great big white head on it . Tried everything possible to get rid of, nothing worked. Then i saw about the tea bag , hold a warm tea bag on the infected area for 10 mins and in few mins will shrink . FANTSTIC
It's amazing ! Comments By: Hannah on 2009-03-30
As soon as i put the tea bag on it the sty disappeared, the pain went away with it! (:
its never been there b4 Comments By: anon on 2009-05-04
i woke up with swelling of the eye it hurts soooo bad when i touch it i think ill try the tea bags thanks for all the help i was getting scared
Amazing!!! Comments By: MM on 2009-05-15
Hey guys, i didnt think this would work either..but within 3 hours of doing it the pus was all gone and when i woke up this morning there was nothing there! The stye had been there for over a week without moving. I know this sounds crazy...but it 100% works!
WOW! Comments By: Tiffany on 2009-05-23
I didn't think this would work. I alwys get REALLY bad stys , And I currently had a really big puffy red one , And then i tried this and it's half its size! THANK YOU! I'm going to see my fiance and his parents (who already don't like me and try as hard as they can to find something to talk smack about) and this helped sooo much! THANK YOU! :D I'ma warm one up and sleep with it on my eye.
get rid of it!! Comments By: CaNdY on 2009-05-28
Help! I have a stye on my right eye. Comments By: zariyah on 2009-06-02
I woke up thia morning with my right eye in alot of pain. So i got on-line to find a remedy and found this website
so i am going to tryn it and see if itn works wish me luck!

Still in pain Comments By: aleep on 2009-06-10
I've had this terrible sty on my eyelid for like 2 days now. I tried some nonperscription drugs, like ointment and eyedrops, but they haven't helped. My mom gave me some advice to use tea bags, but my eye is still red and stinging, although the swelling did go down.
almost gone Comments By: carlie on 2009-06-29
ok well yesterday i had this wicked stye for 2 weeks i tried everything so lastnight i decided to do the tea bag thing i did it for hours, and this morning when i woke up it had came to a huge white head, i went to the dr. she gave me some cream to put on it, i used it right away and then i felt it pop, it oozed this white crap then blood just like pimple, so the tea bag worked to bring it to a head enough so it could pop. but when i got up my eye was swollen shut, it is still there and red and swollen but i'm gonna do the hot compress 2nite. thanks for the tea bag advice.. have any doubts just try it....
Hmmm Comments By: JockSE on 2009-09-24
Well i thought "hey that seems like a good idea" as my eye is just starting the red puffy stage BUT iv been through 3 teabags (PG tips) in the last 40 mins and all its done is irritate it.... it seemed like a good idea at first but then again it might just be me and my eye's weirdness lol my Sty is on the inside of my eyelid :P really annoying
i saw another remidy where you use milk lol my first thought when i saw this was "hmmm Tea in my eye sty" lol just need some sugar, im gonna put another teabag on it in the morning and ill let you know how it goes when i get back from work tomorrow :)

OK Comments By: JockSE on 2009-09-27
Well it deffinatly works mysty has gone dawn and hardly irritates me at all anymore allthough its still there i rarely notice it :) DEFFINATE YES TO TEABAGS!!!
hmm .. Comments By: michelle ! on 2009-10-03
well , ive had this awful thing for about four days now !
o have school !
so it needs to come off . im here with a tea bag on my eye ! hopefully , it works .

Please describe method Comments By: Robert Martin on 2009-10-09
My mother has a stye in her right bottom eye lid. HUGE.
She is scared of going to the eye Dr (don't blame her...)
You take a brand new bag and "wet it"?
Does it have to be warm or cold?


worth a punt Comments By: MS on 2009-10-26
Wow, after 10mins its feeling better than it has for days. Not gone, but a load better, cheers to whoever bothered to post this:)
so far its going away Comments By: alexandra on 2010-01-13
i got this sty like 2 days ago i was putting a warm cloth but that just made it puffier!! then i tried the teabag and its already reducing in size i need it GONE i have graduation pictures friday. please for the love of god may this work!!
arghh :( Comments By: bummer.. on 2010-02-06
i tried this last night before i went to bed, i only had the stye and some redness, i woke up this morning and my eye had swelled up like crazy :(!! so i put CUCUMBERS on it this morning and it took the swelling away, dont get me wrong, i am sitting with a teabag on my eye right now cause it did ease the pain, i guess i'll have to let it heal by its own occur :(
Works fast Comments By: Chicago_gl on 2010-02-12
...I used peppermint tea, it has a cooling effect too. Used it for the past 20 hrs and it already popped, now swelling is going down. And I have a date tonight!
This seems to work Comments By: anon on 2010-02-20
My husband has had a growing stye for the last few days. It was looking really bad this morning (it had come to a pretty big head). We tried the black tea bag/tea tree oil combo and it worked GREAT! We've reapplied several times today as the infection his drawn to the surface.

However, be careful that the tea tree oil doesn't get in your eye; it really hurts. I would suggest applying with a cotton swab and only put a drop or two on the end of the swab.

Prom stye Comments By: Anon on 2010-03-18
I have a huge stye and prom is in 2 days ! Help !!!
IDK ABOUT THIS Comments By: CHRISTION on 2010-04-09

Hey!! Comments By: Advice!! on 2010-04-21
What kind of tea? Does it matter what flavor?
what type Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-06
what type of tea bags should i use.?
i have had my stye of like 3 days now and im leaving in 1 day.

TipKing says: Just regular tea that is made into a drink

Hot Water Cotton Wool Comments By: Katie on 2010-05-20
I used boiling water straight from the kettle on cotton wool and my stye popped withing 3 times of doing so in one day. Still some pus left so going to try the teabag now see if it helps any more. Had this stye for nearly a week and I can barely see. Got antibiotics today and eye ointment but going to see how the tea thing goes. Still take my medication though as it may come back with greater pain :(
im confused Comments By: sam on 2010-06-06
do i keep my eye oppen?
No other way!! Comments By: JDN on 2010-06-20
I started getting a sty 3 days ago. After 2 days I read about the tea bags. I just ran the bag under hot water and put it on my eyelid. when it cooled off I repeated for about 5 minutes. (instant relief) 4 times on the 2nd day and no sty on the 3rd day. Works wonderful
What have I got to lose? Comments By: Pusandroots on 2010-07-06
I've got a stye the size of Rhode Island on my lower right eyelid. It's fairly new (noticed it last night) and it feels heavy, hot and irritating. My eyes are already naturally big so now, I look like Snuffy on Sesame Street. I wanna just rub it away but it hurts really badly. So, I read all of these testimonials AND I'm moved to give this "tea bag" remedy a try.
I'll post again later with my results............

dont want a blind boyfriend! Comments By: melissa Eyestone on 2010-07-12
lol at comment above! my boyfriend woke up with it all freaked out worried hes going to lose his sight ha hes been laying down all day claiming hes sick and feverish. oy...anyway hes against doctors and rx meds so i looked up on the net for homopathic meds but i came across this site about to put tea bag on him now will be back with results.
Big Sty On My Eye! Comments By: Sennen on 2010-07-22
I woke up one morning felling fine when suddenly i felt this sharp pain as i blinked with my right eye, and I soon realised it was a sty! I went down stairs and asked my mum if there was anything to cure my sty. We decided to go on the internet and found this website,we went on "home remedies" and I chuckled as we saw you had a remedy with a sty that included a baby pea! Anyway we tried the tea bag option instead, and amazingly it worked! The pain settled a little but the sty still lingered...so now I know to go to you guys whenever i have any infection! Thanks guys!!!!!!!
I dont think so Comments By: yo mamaaa on 2010-08-20
i realized i had a verrrrry small stye nd automatticaly put a warm compress on it until i found a tube of stye ointment. after i appyled it i put a compress back on nd got to do my research.. i used a tea bag severl times now nd my eye only hurts worse. i cant keep my eye shut or open. skool starts back soo, nd dis shit better go away by den.
Blah xP Comments By: ShAy! on 2010-08-27
Styes are so freaking annoying!! It looks like someone punched you in the eye! But if it's your first time don't worry too much the tea bag will hopefully work and if not you'll die. Haha JK. You can also try a hot wet cloth.
im giving it a go Comments By: tom on 2010-08-31
had this for a week now, tryed the tea bag about half hour ago, and will keep doing it and will let you no, swelling has gone down a bit but im hoping it goes completely. its on the inside of my top eye lid i hope it works!
great Comments By: anon on 2010-09-16
im in the 8th grade, i have had a painful stye for 2 days, my friend told me about this and i just tried it and at barely hurts at all anymore
woo Comments By: hannah burke on 2010-11-03
right ave just found out i have got an internal syte! i am going out of my mind because this has never happend to me before! i am scared incase my eye swells up and i go blind! PLEASE HELP ME I AM IN DESPERATE NEED! at this minute in time i am soaking a tea bag, i really hope this works and YOU if it doesnt head will roll! i will be back when i have the results of this trick, bye for now yours sincerly poor girl with a stye (internal)
I think it works well Comments By: Mum on 2010-11-05
I said 'think' because I tried it twice in succession but did not leave it on for 15 minutes only maybe three minutes or so each time. But the weird thing is that right after each time I took off the tea bag the stye felt less irritated. It actually feels as though the swelling subsided substantially. But I sure hope I don't wake up and like the person above and wake up with a worse swelling.
worth it Comments By: Amyre Slaten on 2010-11-13
It burns really bad when you put the tea
bag on,but its worth it.

question Comments By: i hate styes on 2011-02-24
what should i do if i am using the tea bag method but the sty is on my top inner eyelid? im afraid that it will not come to a head?
Got a sty in my eye and its all because of you......... Comments By: Janett Rockwell, LPN, Ret. on 2011-02-27
Been a nurse for 30 yrs and haven't found anything that works better! Have recommended this to friends and family with an excellent outcome every time
STY HELP!! Comments By: krista on 2011-03-24
I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun for this sty I have had since Jan!!! I have used essential oils, white bread and milk, egg whites on bread! I am really hoping that this works!!! I have drained alot of stuff out of it but there is still a red bump on the outside of my eye!!!
aghXD Comments By: Emily friggin ruiz on 2011-03-17
i have a sty but i didnt know until it started hurting like the 15th and its been hurting since ....i used my makeup (eyeliner) & honestly i dnt wana go buy new stuff over a stupid sty..i do wear contacts so shuld i change them?
Tea Bag Treatment Works Comments By: jersey girl on 2011-04-07
During my childhood I had my share of sties. My grandmother used the camomile tea bag remedy and it always worked. I highly recommend this method of treatment.
But...if the stye is on the interior of the eye lid(s), or if there are multiple ones present, I strongly suggest visiting a doctor.

THANK YOU !!!! Comments By: anon on 2011-04-11
i tried a warm tea bag and the swelling went down a bit and it hurt less :)
Used chamomile tea bag... Comments By: Chantal on 2011-04-22
Used chamomile tea bag on my stye on inner lower lid (just held lower lid so the tea bag could rest on it) and after 10 minutes the head had gone and the stye had emptied. It looks like it has almost gone, although I think I caught it early as it wasn't very big or sore. Would definitely recommend this to all!
queston? Comments By: anon on 2011-05-18
does have to be hot or cold?
whats the difference between a stye and conjunctivitis? Comments By: shannon on 2011-06-11
umm not cold, and not too hot just warm :)
and whats the difference between a stye and conjunctivitis? xx

Still Here! Comments By: llumford on 2011-07-24
I tried all of that, the warm cloth and the tea bags for over a week along with sty relief with no luck. Stil under the eyelid with no sign or going nowhere.
Teabag for stye Comments By: Megan on 2011-08-27
I just woke up with a big stye on my upper eyelid, on the underside, I just put a warm used teabag on my eye for about ten mins and it has reduced the head considerably, and so much less painfull! I dont know if it will get rid of it completly but I will keep using the teabags!
Helps a bit Comments By: Keil on 2011-08-31
I woke up this morning with a puffy bottom eyelid that was painful. There was no stye, but I suspect it was a stye ready to form. I wet a London Cuppa tea bag and used that because I know it's a strong tea with lots of tannins. The swelling went down in a bout 10 minutes. It is still slightly painful to the touch but not as swollen and tight. If I had more time I'd use it for more minutes, but I had class.

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