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Paint brushes. Clean paint brushes if you are in a hurry

Even the best of us are so tired or it is so late at the end of a decorating session to clean up the brushes that we just leave them sit and they dry out, not to be used again - but no more!

Try this, secure the brush in a plastic bag sealing with a rubber band and then store in the freezer overnight. Defrost and clean at you leisure so you don't have to buy new brushes!


When taking a short break from painting, instead of cleaning brush each time, wrap in cling film or aluminum foil until you need it. (Not for long periods) You can do this for an hour or two while you run to the store or while dinner is being taken care of!

There was a tip here that suggested using gasoline to clean paint brushes, the tip has been removed as gasoline should never be used for this purpose. See comments about this tip!

Keep a coffee can of paint thinner handy so you can drop your paint brushes in, put a lid on it and not have to worry about your paint brush getting too hard to use!

Visitors comments

Gasoline is not a cleaning fluid Comments By: Retired Fire Prevention Captain on 2004-09-10
In the USA gasoline pumps are labeled "for use as a motor fuel only". A "bit of gasoline" used to clean anything is extremely dangerous and in many areas illegal.

Gasoline also contains chemicals classified as extremely hazardous. That means that there is no safe amount for the human body to be exposed to.

I am a retired professional firefighter and painter. Please be wise in your selection of cleaning products. You could save a lot of lives, destruction, and pain. A 28 year veteran retired Fire Prevention Captain with Associate of Applied Science degree in fire technology, Hurst FD, previously Texas certified Master Firefighter / Master Inspector

No Gas Tip! Comments By: anon on 2009-10-15
Thanks for the No Gas Tip! I was honestly thinking of using gas because I had nothing else to use. THis tip was very helpful!
About gasoline Comments By: Lee on 2010-09-27
I agree that other solvents should be used to clean paint brushes, but gasoline is fine if used carefully and nothing else is handy... other solvents are very flamable as well and just as dangerous, if your having to go online to learn about this, its probably a better idea to just hire a professional to do the job!!!

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