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Clean paint off your hands with ease

You don't have to use turpentine to get paint off yourself, try olive oil, it softens the paint and makes it easy to remove, and it moistures your skin at the same time.

Submitted by Andrea

If the paint is fresh on your hands rub butter or margarine into the paint marks and it brings them off. Don't ask me why though.

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Awesome Comments By: Sam on 2004-09-03
I just tried this tip, and it worked like a charm. I had heavy, oil-based polyurethane floor paint on my hands. It came right off with olive oil, followed by soap-and-water rinse. Thanks!
Olive Oil Rocks!!! Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-18
I just poly'd some doors and I got it all over my hands. It took it right off.

Thanks for the tip.

zip zap arap Comments By: jonson on 2005-06-27
i lube up my body with olive oil. oh how it stings.
Weird! Comments By: Leslie on 2005-11-10
I had jet black oil paint all over my hands, and the olive oil took it off in a snap - so weird, but so great! Thanks!
Easy Breezy Comments By: Jennifer on 2006-12-09
Wow..it really worked. My husband had paint all over his hands and water and soap wasn't cutting it. We put some olive oil on his hands and vois la, off it came. Thank you!
Olive Oil Comments By: Guy on 2008-07-18
Unbelievable - try it!
Works. Period. Comments By: pfg on 2008-10-18
Sat. night at 9PM: do I really want to go buy turpentine, because I can't get the poly off arms, hand? No - 1 tablespoon of olive oil cleaned it perfectly. This person is a genius!
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