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Remove Wallpaper. Remove wallpaper with ease

To make wallpaper easier to remove, rub it down first with coarse abrasive paper. This will break any glossy finish to the paper, then soak with water and scrape of after the water has soaked in.

Or mix a handful of wallpaper paste into a bucket of water containing a little washing up liquid. The paste will hold the water in place while the washing-up liquid acts as a wetting agent. Then wipe the walls down with the solution.

The ideal tool for stubborn papers is a steam wallpaper stripper. Either buy a domestic model, or hire an industrial one from your local hire shop. The combination of heat and steam will move the thickest materials.

If you're lucky, the wallpaper could be an easy-strip type. Try lifting a corner of the patterned surface and pulling it. If it is easy-strip, the paper will come away in a sheet, leaving the backing paper behind. If the backing paper is well stuck down and in good condition, you can leave it in place and use it as lining for the next covering.

Visitors tips:

  • Mix liquid fabric softener and water (as warm as you can stand it) and apply it to your walls with an old rag or a sponge. Let it sit long enough to thoroughly wet the paper and then start peeling the paper. Sometimes the whole sheet of paper comes off at other times the backing paper remains which can be removed by applying the solution again and then just scrape off the sticky backing!
    • To remove wallpaper really easy, use 2 capfuls of fabric softener with a bucket of hot water. Works great!

    • Using a hair spray / water bottle, wet the wallpaper moderately. Allow two to three minutes for water to penetrate the paper. Then using a standard household iron (for ironing clothing) rub over the damp wallpaper. The hot iron will cause the damp wallpaper to bubble and separate away from the wall facilitating removal of the wallpaper.

    • After many attempts to remove the paper backing of wallpaper from sheet rocked walls (tried every remedy there is) I was able to get it off by saturating it with water using a garden sprayer, 'ironing' it with an old flat iron on high heat setting, and then scraping it off while still warm. Works like a charm!

    • Use vinegar to remove old wallpaper. Put one cup of white vinegar in 1 gallon of hot water and use a garden sprayer or sponge to soak the paper. Let stand for about 10 min. and the paper will peel off easily.

    • Hire wall paper stripping appliances, use as directed, but instead of doing the job there and then, leave the appliances switched on,upright on the work surface, close doors and windows, leave for about an hour, then when you go back in the room, the wallpaper is falling off without any elbow grease on your part. The room is a bit hot and steamy, but hey, no hard work to do!!

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