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Decorating Patch wall paper

If you have an area that is small and needs filled in with wallpaper after you have done the entire room - it is better to rip the wallpaper on the area that will be touching the other wallpaper. The pieces of paper will fill in with each other looking better than if you were to cut a line and try to match cuts.

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Not clear Comments By: Harry Spencer on 2004-09-16
I have a hard time understanding what the writer means.

TipKing says: The tip is suggesting that when patching small areas of wallpaper, consider ripping the patches instead of cutting. It will provide a more blended finish.

patch wall paper Comments By: g.decs on 2008-01-27
this only works on woodchip
not just woodchip in my experience Comments By: KfromKent on 2010-02-09
the important thing is that there mustn't be a ridge between the two pieces of wallpaper as you get by cutting. By tearing/ripping you get a 'feather edge' reducing to zero thickness at the edge, and the paste will stick this invisibly to the piece underneath.

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