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Barbeque grills. Clean a barbeque grill easily

The grill on your barbeque can become a real mess. So have a look at these great tips that I have compiled for cleaning you barbeque racks and grills

To clean up your grill for your next barbecue, try sprinkling dry baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) on a damp brush. Scrub and rinse clean. The Baking Soda works well for the light duty clean-up associated with exterior surfaces, such as knobs and trays, and it will not scratch shiny surfaces.

Another easy way to clean the grill rack. Wait!! don't throw away that used aluminum foil just ball it up and gently rub foil up and down in the same direction of the racks. Just watch the dirt fall. Cleans like a charm.

When I want to clean my barbeque grills I just take a steel brush and brush off the big stuff and then pop them into my self-clean oven. The high heat burns the build-up right off and I get my oven cleaned at the same time.

Steam clean your dirty barbecue grill while you relax. Here’s how. When you’re finished grilling, soak yesterday’s newspaper in water and leave it on top of your warm grill rack with the lid closed. After about 45 minutes, open the lid and wipe off the greasy grime. Just remember —don’t let the newspaper sit on the grill rack too long, or it will dry out and become a bigger mess.

For a quick way to clean your barbecue grill, simply rub the grill in the sand. This will remove most of the grease, etc. All you then have to do is hose it down.

Another tip you can try, is to pour leftover coffee on the grill. Clean off with a dry cloth. For a really good clean, spray the grill with your regular oven cleaner and leave it in a plastic garbage bag overnight. Hose it down the next day, and you should have a gleaming grill.

To spruce up the outside of your barbecue, while it's still warm, rub with a cloth soaked with cooking oil. Remember at the end of summer, to oil your burner to help cut down on rust. Cooking oil should do fine.

To avoid the base of your charcoal barbecue wearing through, pour an inch of sand over the bottom of the barbeque for the coals to sit on

And here is one more unconventional way:

Place your bbq grills and racks on the grass in your garden, spray with a bit of your favorite cleaner and let the dew take care of the rest. There is something about a heavy dew and the mixture of letting your rack sit all night that makes them so easy to hose off and you are done!. Be aware that this can damage your grass so do it somewhere out of sight.

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